Saturday, 26 May 2012

Airport Deja Vu

It was a bumpy four-hour ride and I was getting restless. Long flights were never my thing but I really enjoyed going places. After a long weekend back home, it was time to go back to work. We landed and I dragged through the airport to get to my bag at baggage claim. The airport was empty which was good because my bag would come out quick.

I finally reached my bag and headed out to the parking garage. The thought of having to pay for six days pissed me off but was a minor problem compared to my real issue. It was the first time maybe in my life that I had took a trip home and failed to fuck any pussy. Even times when I was just there overnight I still came up with a little something. Being an athlete out there I was very well known and the groupie seen was crazy. Ever since I moved a few years ago, the new generation didn't know too much about me and my old ones have moved on with life just as I have.

I was a few cars away from mine when I saw a beautiful broad strutting on the aisle next to mine. She had on tight, stretchy, black leggings with a white halter-top. Her ass was by far the biggest I've seen and bounced like a basketball in the tight pants as she walked at a quick pace. She had an exotic look, like an Israeli or Persian. Her hair was dark her face flawless with very little makeup. She had bold, full lips that my imagination immediately had around my dick. I must have had a crazy look on my face as I stopped and stared because she turned and began to giggle.

I reached my S-class Mercedes and opened the trunk for my bag. Still staring, I watched as she reached her S-class and winked at me. I started to laugh. Her car was really nice, a burgundy color with tan interior compared to mine which was all white with black interior and black rims.

"Nice car!" I shouted as she reached her driver door.

"Ditto!" she yelled back.

I walked over to her and decided to introduce myself.

"I'm Dom."


"Where are you coming from Tess?"

"Orlando visiting my sister. You?"

"I was back home in North Carolina for a few days. It's my last weekend off before work gets going."

As I spoke to her there was something familiar about this woman that I couldn't figure out. All I know is that she definitely should be modeling somewhere as she stood there talking, hand on one hip, sexy as ever. I felt my dick rise to attention and thoughts began to circulate through my mind.

I kissed her. Her lips surrounded mine like a glove on a hand and were extremely soft. I escorted my tongue into her mouth and allowed it to search and explore as she did the same in return. My hands became curious and moved around her curvy body as I leaned her against the drivers door of her car. She brought one leg and wrapped it around me and I grabbed it with one arm. Her thighs were amazing and the access allowed my 9 inches to rub against her spot through my jeans. I kissed my way to her neck where she smelled amazing. I have always been a sucker for scent and hers sent chills throughout my body. I continued south, revealing her hard brown nipples and C-cup breast as I brought them in my mouth to caress with my lips and tongue.

Tess must love nipple stimulation because the second I began sucking on them she started moaning and pulling my head closer for more. I brought one had down to play with her pussy at the same time and felt she was soaking wet. I slowly lay her down on the hood of her car and pulled her pants to her knees exposing all of her pussy. It was clean-shaven, dripping wet, and I couldn't wait to taste. The fact that it was public and in a major traffic venue sent a rush through me that almost made me explode. I brought her pussy into my mouth and began my second make out session. I sent my tongue straight inside her on a quest to find her g-spot. I stroked her lips and clit in every direction with various speeds.

Tess was struggling because she had nothing to hold onto as she received her treatment. She couldn't control herself. I found her sweet spot and showed no mercy. Quick flicks of the tongue and a whirlwind of side to side action with my lips, Tess arched her back, lifted her head with her eyes closed and screamed loud enough to set off car alarms. I devoured all the pussy juice I could before raising up and dropping my jeans. The tension in my dick was unbearable and I went straight to work, penetrating her opening and going hard. I was on a pussy rampage, demolishing Tess while she took it like the true champ she was. Her pussy was squeezing my dick as it went in and out, sucking it in like a vacuum. Eventually I stood her up and bent her over on her stomach. I had to see her ass from the back. I entered once more and began my work once again. Her cheeks slapped my abs over and over and the scene of the jiggle made my missile prepare to launch. I removed myself and shot my load all over her massive ass.

I snapped out of my daze and back into the conversation with Tess. My daydreaming had me horny beyond belief and anxiety began to build up inside me. I asked Tess for her number and she said yes. She asked for my phone so she could dial it in. I handed it to her and our hands touched which became a hold. She looked up at me with a shy look. I didn't hesitate as I leaned down and kissed her. Her lips surrounded mine like a glove on a hand and were extremely. It was happening. The perfect end to my vacation. Deja Vu at the airport.

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