Saturday, 26 May 2012

Arrival to Puerto Rico

My vacation turns into something more...This is my first story so comments would be greatly appreciated. I would like to thank Collegeguy321 for being my inspiration in this and there are more to come! enjoy.

After getting off the long 4.5 hour plane ride, I turned my phone on seeing I had one new message, “waiting outside your terminal in khaki shorts and a blue tshirt(: ” I smiled reading this and scanned the crowd looking for him. But I am getting ahead of myself. I am a 21 year old brunette, with blue eyes, and just landed in Puerto Rico. I came here on a vacation, but more to meet up with a friend I met on an online chatting website. His name is Tanner. We started talking last year and have had very interesting chats varying from dirty ones to cute romantic ones. He used to live in Colorado but moved and so now I’m here in Puerto Rico to spend the week with him.


I found him standing there in his description and walked over there.

“Hi!” I exclaimed with excitement.

 I gave him a hug and he hugged me back, “wow, you are much more stunning in person” he replied looking me up and down. I just smiled.

“So off to get your bags?” he asked.

 “Yeah, but I have no idea where I am going in here” I replied back.

 “Well follow me,” he said grabbing my hand.

After we got my bags, we headed out to his car and started driving to his house. On the way we chatted about how things were and how good it was to finally meet in person. Arriving at his house, my jaw dropped. It was a HUGE house with a perfectly landscaped lawn and a gigantic pool in back. He just looked at me and chuckled at my reaction. “Would you like the grand tour?” he asked with a smile.

 “Oh yes please!” I said eagerly. We both got out of the car leaving the bags and headed into the house. My jaw dropped even further as we got in the front door. There was a huge split staircase leading in opposite directions. To the left was a large living room with a big flat screen TV and couch with a bay window overlooking the backyard. To the right was a huge kitchen that overlooked the pool outside with the hot tub next to it. He then showed me the upstairs; the guest room where I was staying had its own balcony and bathroom. He then showed me the master bedroom where he slept. It had a king size bed and its own bathroom with a large whirlpool bath tub. We finished up the rest of the tour and went back to get my bags from his car. After dropping them off in my room he asked with a smile, “so would you like to maybe check out the pool? Have a drink?”

“Sure!” I said excited, “let me just change into my swimsuit, be right down” I grabbed my green string bikini, changed into it and went out to the back where he was sitting with two beers.

I walked up slowly looking around out back, taking everything in. I felt his eyes glued to me as I sat down next to him. “So this is all yours? Pool and all?” I asked flashing him a smile.

“Yep, pool and all.”

“ I think we should go for a swim” I blurted out staring at the water.

“Maybe later on, I want to chat with you for a little bit” he said putting his arm around me. I looked slightly disappointed, “do you swim in there often?” I asked not wanting to change the subject.

“Yes every morning, I don’t just naturally look like this” he admitted laughing. For the first time I noticed how toned his body was in his swim trunks.

“Oh wow” I replied, “so if I fell in you could jump in and save me?”

 “Well yes I am a certified lifeguard, but I don’t see why you would fall in unless you were drunk and we aren’t there yet” he said with a smirk. I laughed taking a sip of the beer, and stood up… “So would you jump in after me if I did this?” I asked walking up to the pools edge, falling into the water. I didn’t bother trying to swim and let myself sink underwater. I closed my eyes, slowly counting to distract from holding my breath when I heard a large splash. I suddenly felt his arms wrap around my waist. He pulled me close to him and kissed me hard under the water. He then pulled me up above the surface. I didn’t bother moving to see how he would react when he said, “stop faking it. You don’t have to use the excuse of mouth to mouth to get me to kiss you.” Staying still, I felt him lean in and he kissed me again with a lot more passion. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around him. He pulled back, “I knew you were faking it” he said with a smile before he let go of me. I let go of him and he swam over to the edge, pulling himself up onto the side.

“Pretty good lifeguard skills” I said with a wink swimming over to the edge.

 “Yeah well you do know that I don’t have to pretend to be a lifeguard to kiss you. I would do it anyway.” He said watching me swim up next to him.

“Will you help me get out?” I asked reaching out a hand. He grabbed it and easily pulled me out so that I was sitting next to him. I put my head on his shoulder.

“This whole place is beautiful” I admitted letting out a content sigh. “So are you” he said turning my face towards him to look into my eyes. I smiled and leaned up to kiss him for a third time. This one lasted longer than usual and we started to make out. Our tongues viciously explored each other’s mouth. I moved to straddle him without every taking my lips off of his, running my hands up and down his smooth chest. He moved a hand up to my bikini top to remove it but I stopped him…”lets get dried off and move inside first, we wouldn’t want to give your neighbors a show” I said smiling.

to be continued...
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