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A Brother & Sister Ch. 08 (5 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

Julie relaxed against the wall of the shower, the water cascading down the front of her naked body. She luxuriated in the feel of the water massaging her breasts before running in streams down her body. She glanced down at her pussy, noting that she was due for a shave. She turned the showerhead to the wall and grabbed the can of shaving gel and her razor before sitting down to attend to her re-growth.

As always, the act of shaving herself brought pleasure to her body. The thought of how her various lovers reacted to her clean shaven pussy set her afire, especially combined with the touch of her fingers as she pushed and pulled at her labia, ensuring that she removed all signs of hair whilst not cutting herself with the razor.

As she stood again, her pussy freshly bald, she attended to her armpits and then decided that since she'd actually managed to get the house to herself (quite remarkable given that her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins were all staying with them at the moment) she'd take the time to wash her hair as well.

Outside the door, Jordan was wondering whether to go through with his plan or not. Ever since he'd seen Julie mounted on her brother's cock whilst he feigned sleep in the living room, he'd been bursting with the desire to see Julie naked. He'd seen a wonderful silhouette of her perfectly curved breasts in the dim light of that night and combining that with the afternoon's watching her in her bikini with her hot cousins, his mind was going bananas. He desperately wanted to get to see her nipples and complete the picture of her breasts that he'd been assembling in his mind.

He was supposed to have gone out with Steve for the afternoon. The rest of the family was out sightseeing, which had meant that cancelling at the last minute with Steve had left him alone in the house with Julie. He wasn't sure at the time how he might go about it, but somehow, he'd just thought that if he could be alone with her, he might be able to convince her to show him her gorgeous treasures, especially because she didn't know that he'd seen her with her brother.

Just the thought of it sent his cock rock hard again as he thought back to the way that she'd slid up and down the length of Steve's (admittedly enormous) cock. He thought again of the side-on Silhouette of Julie's curved breast, the way it stuck proudly out from her chest, the nipple like a small spear at the tip. His hand grasped the door-handle to the bathroom and he walked inside.

Julie heard the door to the bathroom open and felt her heart miss a beat. Her hair was wet and hanging over her face, covered in shampoo and she desperately asked who it was that had dared to walk in on her.

"Its just me Julie, I needed to see you naked," she heard her cousin Jordan say.

"Get the fuck out Jordan!" she said in response as she parted her hair.

"No, I think I'd like to hang around a bit, the steam's making it a little difficult to see you properly."

"Get out!"

"Oh come on Julie, don't be shy. Anyone who is happy to have sex with their brother whilst someone else is sleeping in the room really shouldn't be shy about being seen naked ... especially when they've got a body as hot as yours."

"What the fuck are you on about?" Julie asked, trying to sound like she had no idea what he was talking about as her heart raced at the realisation that he must not have been asleep when she'd been downstairs paying Steve a visit the other night.

"I wasn't asleep Julie. Well I was when you first came down, but I woke up while you were with Steve. I couldn't' see as much as I would have liked, but what I did see was hot! I got to see a lovely silhouette of you and now I want to fill the gaps in my mind with you in all your naked glory."

"No way."

"Well, you wouldn't want me to have to drop it into conversation over dinner would you?" he teased, his eyes continuing to survey the steamed up shower screen for more detail than the vague outline he was getting of her nudity.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Well, just open the door and let me look and you'll never have to test that theory out, will you?" he asked.

Julie stood pondering her choices. "Would he really be brave enough to bring something up like that in front of her family? What would happen?" She'd already had sex with everyone in her immediate family, it was only the fact that they didn't realise she'd been with all the others as individuals that would be revealed. She decided that it was much simpler if everyone remained siloed. Then there were no complications between them all.

"I show you myself and you get out?" she asked Jordan.

"Unless of course you want more?" he enquired brazenly.

"Huh, I don't think so." She opened the door and let her hands drop to her sides, standing naked and silent, glaring at her cousin as he stared, all but drooling at her nakedness.

"Fuck Julie, your breasts are perfect," he muttered, his eyes drinking in the site of her perfection. "Oh God, you shave too!'

Julie glanced down at his crotch, knowing that he'd be erect. "Hmm, nothing to write home about," she decided before reaching out to pull the door to the shower closed. She couldn't believe his audacity. To think that she'd been lying in bed at night and thinking about whether or not she should do what she'd told Steve she'd not do ... and seduce him. Unbelievable.

"Now fuck off Jordan. Anyone would think you were 14 pulling a stunt like that. Maybe if you'd been nice about it I would have been prepared to let you enjoy more, but after this little act, I think I'll just fuck your sister to make you jealous."

Jordan retreated from the bathroom, reeling. He was thrilled with what he'd seen and yet suddenly devastated with what had transpired. He felt guilty. "How could I have let that happen to myself?" he thought "When did I become such a dickhead?" And did Julie really mean that she'd have sex with his sister? That really got his blood boiling. He couldn't help but think how hot it would be to get to watch it, but each time he did, his mind spiralled back to how much of an arse he'd just been. It certainly was enough to kill of his previously intended plan of wanking off thinking about Julie's naked body.

"Is your brother often a drop kick around girls?" Julie was asking Emily later that night in the room that they shared together. They were sitting chatting, each in a pair of panties and a t-shirt as they prepared to sleep for the night, Julie on her bed, Emily on the mattress on the floor. "Or has he just never had a girlfriend?"

"What do you mean?" Emily asked, puzzled by the turn the conversation had taken. "I know he's had a number of girlfriends and he's always treated women alright as far as I know. Why do you ask?"

"Oh just something he said to me today. It made me think ... but don't worry about it. Let's talk about something else. Like if we're going to manage to get you hooked up at all whilst you're out here. Fancy getting set up with a hot chick?"

Emily pondered the initial part of Emily's reply, wondering what could possibly have brought it on. Unable to come up with anything, she set about answering the next part.

"Actually, I've already managed to relieve some of my sexual tension thank you, so there may be no need to set me up," she exclaimed proudly.

"No way! How did you manage that?"

"Well actually it was the other night at your cousin's place. Remember how I shared a room with Adriana? Well let's just say that we shared more than a room," Emily asked, laughing.

"No way, you had sex with Adie?"

"Yeah! Er, didn't you know she was gay?"

"Gay? Er well actually, I knew she was bi, but for some reason I hadn't considered the fact that putting you two in the same room might end up with you in the same bed. Naïve of me I guess given how hot you both are and how horny Adriana gets," she laughed.

"Oh ok."

"I take it you enjoyed yourself then?" Julie asked, feeling her body begin to react to the images her mind was throwing up of Emily and Adriana being tangled together, naked.

"Of course, what's not to enjoy?" Emily laughed in return.

"Um, will you tell me about it?" Julie asked a little sheepishly as her loins stirred.

"Really? You want to hear about me having sex with your cousin?"

"Is that too weird for you?"

"No, I guess I thought that it might have been too weird for you hearing about your cousin and all, but if you're ok with it, it doesn't worry me a bit," Emily replied. Julie grinned and sat on the bed, one leg tucked up underneath her, the heel of her foot planted firmly against her pussy.

Emily began to recount her bedroom adventure with Adriana and encouraged by Julie, went into explicit detail, describing everything that happened. She didn't fail to notice the fact that Julie was rocking back and forth against her heel. She'd used the technique numerous times herself and it excited her to think that her cousin was getting horny as she listened to the tale. Just the thought of it along with her own story telling started to see her pussy react.

In a rush of daring, Emily said to Julie, "You know, if you want to masturbate, I don't mind."

"Um, really?" Julie asked, her voice husky with her pleasure.

"Not if you don't mind me watching you do it?"

"Ok." And with that simple statement, Julie lay back on her bed and peeled off the sky-blue cotton panties that she was wearing. Emily moved from her own mattress to sit on the end of Julie's bed as Julie lay back and spread her legs.

Emily eyed Julie's bald pussy, the moisture resulting from her pleasure glistening between her labia, a pearl-drop of it evident at the entrance to her vagina.

"If she wasn't my cousin, I'd be wanting to lick that up," Emily thought to herself. "Hell, she admitted to herself, I DO want to lick it up and it's only the fact that she is my cousin that is actually stopping me."

"Tell me more," Julie prompted her cousin, noting that her nipples were standing out against he loose fabric of the t-shirt that Emily was to be sleeping in. Emily continued recounting the tale of her passionate encounter with Adriana and Julie applied her fingers to her pussy, using them to stimulate her clit.

"God watching your bald pussy reminds me so much of Adriana, did you know that she shaves too?" Emily asked as she saw Julie's clit circled by one of her fingers.

"Mhmm," Julie replied, her eyes closed as she approached orgasm.

"She's so hot, Julie, just like you, only with smaller tits, but I tell you, her pussy tastes fantastic."

"I know," Julie responded. She'd been teetering on the edge of orgasm and as she felt the wave of pleasure course through her, she realised what she'd just said. Emily didn't miss it either.

"You know?" she questioned incredulously. "What do you mean, have you had sex with her too?!"

"Oh crap," Julie thought to herself, "Now I've done it."

"My god, you have, haven't you?" Emily pressed, taking Julie's hesitation as an admission of guilt.

"Um, yeah." Julie finally admitted guiltily.

"Fuck, how did it happen?" Emily asked, her mind reeling. They were cousins! How do you end up sleeping with your cousin?

Julie quickly pondered what she might tell Emily about how it had happened. She knew the truth was out. There was no way that she was going to tell Emily that she'd been jealous because Adie had fucked Steve and Julie hadn't and that then they'd ended up in bed together.

"Well, we were shopping," Julie said, seizing on their recent experience together as the perfect cover. "And after we'd been dressing and undressing in front of each other all day we were horny. Adie dared me to go into a sex-shop with her and buy a vibrator." She left out the fact that it was her mother that had led them there and thought to herself that she'd damned well better make sure that she told Adie that this was how they were supposed to have hooked up.

"Oh wow, did you?" Emily asked.

"Um yeah and after we'd bought them we kind of went back to her place to test them out."

"Far out, ok, now its my turn, I want you to tell me about what you did and I'm going to cum.

"It doesn't freak you out that it was with my cousin?" Julie asked, quietly amused that she was asking a question so similar to that which she'd been asked a little earlier.

"Well, it surprised me, that's for sure and at first I thought ick, but then, I've just watched you masturbate and it was a turn on for me, so maybe I should hold judgement for a bit," Emily replied. Then she stood up and peeled her black cotton panties down her legs, Julie's eyes following the movement, admiring the smooth skin of her cousin's legs as she removed the underwear.

"OK, tell me," Emily said now lying down as Julie surveyed her pussy. She watched as Emily ran a finger between the bald lips. She looked at the patch of cropped hair that ran a path down towards the labia wanting to run her finger through it, but Emily glanced up at her face and urged her to tell the story.

Julie related a tale only half true of the fun that she and Adriana had gotten up to, substituting either her or her cousin for the role that her mother had played. As she spoke, she watched Emily pleasuring herself, wanting nothing more now than to bury her tongue between her slick lips and taste her nectar.

Emily came and Julie was surprised to see a small spurt of liquid squirt from between her lips.

"Oh wow, you squirted!" Julie exclaimed.

"Shit! Really?" Emily asked. "I don't think I've ever done it before. Sorry about the bed then."

"Don't worry about it, it was cool, Julie said, smiling down at her cousin. Without really thinking about what she was doing, she found one hand stroking Emily's inner thigh.

"So tell me something, do you still have the vibrator?" Emily asked bashfully, desire glinting behind her eyes.

"Why want to try it?' Julie asked, smirking.

"Maybe." Julie stood up and walked over to her chest of drawers. Emily watched her taught butt as she strode across the room. Julie pulled the bottom one out and reached down into the space below it where she had stashed them so that Emily wouldn't stumble across them whilst they were sharing the room.

Julie couldn't see very well into the space in the muted evening light and the first one that came out was the double headed toy. She quickly replaced it and pulled out the more conventional dildo.

"Hang on, what was the other one?" Emily asked coming over to where Julie was and pulling it out.

"Oh my, does this do what I think it does?" she asked, holding up the two-headed toy and pointing to the smaller appendage.

"What, you mean go in your butt?" Julie asked.

"Um, yeah, exactly."

"That's the idea," Julie replied. "Why have you never had anything in your butt?"

"No way," Emily replied. "Do you mean you have?"

"Well, yeah, I have," Julie replied suddenly embarrassed by the admission.

"Really? Isn't it gross?"

"Well at first it's a bit weird, but once you get going, it's hot. I orgasm every time when I get something in my arse"

"Well, I'm afraid I find the idea a turnoff, I doubt I'll be letting anyone do it to me."

"Well, you don't know what you're missing if you don't try it," laughed Julie

"Pass thanks. But ..." Emily hesitated.

"But what? Laughed Julie, "Butt but (She pointed to her bum), or but but?"

Emily laughed. "But if you want to do it I would be curious to watch?" She was amazed at her own temerity. She didn't know what surprised her more. The fact that she had just asked her cousin to let her watch her shove something in her arse or the fact that she was even having a conversation with her that could lead to something like this.

"I tell you what, I'll let you see me do it if you put it in me." Emily held out the toy to her cousin, curious as to whether she'd go through with it. "And you have to be naked," she quickly added as a rider to the proposition.

Emily stood looking at her cousin, appreciating the tight curves of her body, the way her nipples pressed against the fabric of her t-shirt and most of all, the lingering scent of her sex that she could smell in the air, admitting that at least some of that scent must be due to the state of her own pussy, which was now completely soaked again.

"Deal," she finally responded. Julie clapped and pulled her own t-shirt off, her breasts bouncing firmly as they settled after the movement. Emily found herself wanting to reach out and cup them in her hands, but settled for pulling off her own t-shirt and subjecting herself to Julie's admiring gaze.

Julie grabbed her moisturiser and went back to the bed. As Emily watched, she lubricated the toy with it before getting onto the bed on all fours, doggy style. She then put a gob of the cream on her first two fingers of her left hand and then ran them over her puckered anus.

"Put the big one in my pussy first," Julie encouraged her cousin.

Emily positioned the toy at the entrance to her cousin's pussy and began to slide the bigger of the two appendages in. Julie sighed at the penetration and Emily worked the toy until the smaller appendage was within reach of Julie's butt hole. She hesitated but Julie encouraged her and Emily began to apply pressure to the base of the toy, watching as Julie's hole spread around its tip, accepting the invasion. She kept pushing and soon the entire toy was completely buried in Julie's two holes.

"Fuck me with it Emily, fuck my holes with the toy," Julie said, moaning as she felt Emily begin to slide the toy back and forth within her. Julie pushed back each time Emily drove the toy into her.

Emily watched as the plastic speared inside her cousin's anus, listening to the obvious pleasure that she was experiencing.

"You really like that don't you?" she asked curiously

"Oh fuck yes!" Julie cried out "You going to try it?"

"I still don't think so," Emily replied even though she had been thinking moments before as to whether it could really be as good as Julie made it appear, knowing that there was only one way to find out.

"Finger my clit for me Emily, please? Make me cum?" Emily was only too happy to help out with this request and as she pushed and pulled the toy with one hand, she reached below it with the other to find Julie's pleasure button. Julie dropped her head to her pillow, her breasts on the mattress with her butt thrust back and up as Emily invaded her over and over with the toy. The touch on her clit was the impetus that Julie had required and she squealed as she felt her body explode with her second orgasm of the night. She collapsed onto her bed, shuddering with the explosiveness of her pleasure.

Emily simply sat staring down at her younger cousin as she recovered. She wanted to reach out and touch her, to caress her thigh, fondle her breast, but couldn't quite bring herself to do so.

Julie rolled onto her back and Emily took in the firmness of her breasts, larger than her own and yet not so large as to be at that point where they became pendulous or slung and in Emily's opinion, unattractive.

Julie looked up at Emily and allowed her gaze to drink in her beauty, noting the erect nipples and desiring to suck one into her mouth.

"I think it's your turn," Julie said to her quietly.

"No, I told you that I'm not going to..."

"Oh, not with that one. With the dildo," Julie said, laughing quietly and holding the toy. Emily giggled at the mistake but agreed to allow Julie to use the other toy on her.

"Swap places," Julie said and Emily moved so that she was lying along the bed again as she had been when Julie had told her the story of her and Adriana. Julie positioned the dildo at the entrance to Emily's hole and started to work it inside her.

"Oh my, it's so long since I've had anything like this in my pussy," Emily said as she felt her lips stretching around the dildo's girth.

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