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Double Jeopardy (5 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

DOUBLE JEOPARDY by Moxy Irish MMM/FF, machine/F. Futuristic spanking erotica. Spanking threats, discussion, fantasy, spanking, spanking w/implements, spanking by machine, D/s, sexuality, oral sexuality, anal sexuality, plot development

I’ve been mulling over aspects of this story idea for a while. I’ve always been afraid that I couldn’t write sci-fi into spanking erotica. I hope I pulled it off. If you like it let me know and more will be coming. This, like my other submissions is a *rough draft*. Like the others, several more parts will be written and it will be subject to editing and re-writes for illustrated print publication as a novel or novella this year. All characters are the property of Moxy Irish I hope you enjoy the story! Mox

I. Tuesday morning-4-17-2074

Captain Jake Navarro strode down the marble floored hall of the American section of the International Earth Planetary Alliance government building. His green eyes were hard as he moved towards the IEPA office that he was forced to visit twice a week. He hated the mandatory meetings with the civilian Director. The only positive thing about them was that she was easy on the eye. He glanced at his watch. It read 0830. He had been up for hours, not having slept after a night of surveillance, and he was dog tired.

He paused outside the large, ornate doors to the outer office and put on a tight smile, his sea-green gaze flicking over the gold embossed plaque on the door that read, “Samantha Waterson-American Director-IEPA”. He murmured to himself, “Let’s see what the bitch is going to do to me now...” and stepped inside.

The dark-haired Personal Assistant looked up from her desk and gave him a genuine smile, “Good morning Captain Navarro.”

Jake smiled at the sweet-natured woman who had always been friendly and professional to him, “Good morning, Mrs. Galviston. How are you today?”

She stood and gave him another smile, “I’m fine Captain. I’m afraid she is running late today. May I offer you coffee while you wait?”

Jake gritted his teeth but held onto the smile. Damn that woman. She always had an excuse to make him wait like a delivery boy. He checked his watch again, he needed to be at the International Embassy in an hour for a surveillance Op. “Yes, Mrs. Galviston, I’d appreciate it.”

The young woman disappeared into a side room and returned with a cup of steaming, black coffee. Jake murmured his thanks and sat down to wait.

Samantha sat in her inner office, gently twirling herself around in her chair. There was “nothing” she liked better than messing with the handsome Captain Navarro. Well there were a few things, but they fit in nicely with her bitchy behavior towards the Captain. She looked at the clock and sighed, putting on her shoes. It had been ten minutes. She knew that despite the fact that she treated him like an errand boy, he did have an important job as a Liaison between the pure military Interplanetary Peacekeeping Force and the civilian IEPA politicians who made it do their bidding. She touched her computer screen and sent a message to Julia, “Send him in.”

The double doors of her office clicked. She leaned back against the desk, her arms folded, an arrogant smile on her face.

Jake prowled through the door, nodding as he met her hazel gaze. He gave her the once over. She was impeccably dressed in an expensive black business suit, the hem of her skirt falling well above her knee as the current fashion dictated. Her dark gold hair had been cut into a jaw-length shaggy bob. He felt a twinge of disappointment, he had liked her long, golden waves. Her jewelry was minimal and tasteful. Her face was expertly made-up as always.

She had a pretty face, with large hazel eyes, full pink lips, and a nice jaw line. It was too bad that this woman was such a frigid bitch. She had a body and face that promised unspeakable pleasure to a man if she only had the personality to pull it off. Jake sighed inwardly, it was a damn shame good genes being wasted on nasty people.

He made his voice professionally polite as he greeted her, “Good Morning, Director Waterson. I see you’ve had your hair cut. It suits you.”

She moved around her desk and sat down, nodding to the chair in front of it and said cooly, “Captain.”

His green eyes flashed briefly as he processed the curt greeting. Apparently the Ice Queen was going to start immediately today. He sat and looked at her with a resigned anticipation.

Samantha regarded the man across from her. She had seen him twice a week since the middle of December, but he still made her stomach flutter. She knew he was an arrogant bastard, not that he was ever anything but maddeningly polite, but she had seen the look he would get in his eyes when she pushed him.

He was easily the most attractive man she had ever seen, with short raven black hair and green eyes the color of the Atlantic. His jaw line was strong, his hands were large, blunt nails clean, and his body. God. He looked great in a uniform. He was six feet two inches worth of solidly built true blue American Army Captain. And he was at her beck and call. She loved teasing him and ordering him around like a servant. Sometimes she would get a thrill when his green gaze would harden and blaze, but he kept his temper no matter what she threw at him. She hoped she would crack that cool exterior today.

She tossed a manila folder at him, “Captain Navarro, I’m extremely disappointed that the roster of additional personnel for the IEPA Formal Ball hasn’t been authorized yet.”

He looked at her blankly. She couldn’t be serious.

“Director Waterson, pardon me, but you have to be kidding. That ball is two months away and you gave me that list on Thursday. I told you before that it was not my job to do security checks on the hired help. I passed on that list to the Senior Security Officer. He has a team working on the list now. I’m sure you’ll get it soon.”

She glared at him, her voice sharp, “No I certainly am *not* kidding, Captain Navarro! I gave that list to *you*, not to the Security office. You know the guest list to this Ball! I consider every safety measure extremely important! Since the Peacekeepers will be providing security for the Ball, I expect the Senior Liaison to take an interest! I expected you to go through that list yourself!”

Jake’s green eyes flashed as he leaned forward and bit out, “Director Waterson, there are over 300 names on that list. A security team of ten people is working on it so you will have it back by the end of the week. I do not *possibly* have the time to check a list like that myself. As well, it is Not. My. Job. Having me check your list of waiters and cocktail waitresses would be like the President ordering you to assign parking spots in the garage. Now if you will excuse me, I have an appointment.”

Jake rose to leave and Samantha rose with him. Her voice was furious, “Don’t you DARE walk away in the middle of this conversation, Captain! May I remind you that you answer to me down here? You may be the Top Dog with your Army buddies up in the stars, but in DC you belong to me. I suggest you *sit* and listen to what I have to say.”

Jake dropped his head, his eyes glittering green slits. His jaw clenched and his palm itched. There was nothing in the world that he wanted more than to have the Ice Queen shrieking over his knee at that moment. But he knew he couldn’t blow it. He had to stay in DC. If he gave her what she richly deserved he would jeopardize his position. He slowly sat, locking his eyes with hers and showing her his anger. She looked rattled for a moment, and he took satisfaction in that as he stared her down.

She broke eye contact first and started scolding the vase of flowers on her desk. “Captain Navarro, you seem to take my instructions personally...”

He tuned out and watched her mouth move. Hmmmm, he wondered if his cock in her mouth would shut her up. He fixed on a point at the corner of her mouth and kept fantasizing. How about her crying around a ball gag, fastened over a punishment bench, her shapely ass stuffed with a nice, fat phallus while her bottom took stroke after stroke with a solid paddle. He pictured her inarticulate pleading behind the gag, her pussy soaking wet. A shadow of a smile curved his mouth as he pictured leaving her there for a squad of Peacekeepers to punish and use. He liked picturing the bitch as a wanton slavegirl at heart. Usually the icy ones were. He heard her slowing her words and knew it was almost over.

“...after all, we are on the same team, aren’t we, Captain Navarro?”

He flicked his eyes up to her hazel gaze and stood, then checked his watch. His voice was cool and professional, “We certainly are on the same team, Director Waterson. You will have your list at the end of the week. I’m afraid I *must* leave now or I will be late. I’ll see you on Thursday.”

He turned and strode toward the door. She called after him, “Does that mean you will be handling this yourself, Capta...” the doors clicked shut on her words.

Samantha was livid. She was sure she could get a rise out of him with this ridiculous request. She almost had. Then he disconnected and let her rail. She had seen him do that before. She picked up the vase on her desk and smashed it against the wall. God! She always dressed to the nines for the meetings with him. She always made herself up perfectly. She wondered just what the *fuck* was more interesting in that tiny little mind of his than paying attention to her when they met twice a week?

II. Tuesday -4-17-74

Jake exited the government building swearing. He hailed a cab and leapt in, murmuring “Embassy Row, I’ll throw in another $50 if you are quick about it.”

Fuck. That incorrigible Brat was going to make him late. His mind went over the exchange and he felt his temper starting to burn. What he would give to catch her in the act of something, anything, and have her under his thumb. His lips curved into a smile as he thought about what indignities he could subject the pretty wench to. Certainly the very first thing he would do is blister her ass. His eyes glittered as he fantasized, Ah, yes, to spank Samantha Waterson senseless and put her on her knees with her bottom in the air. He’d watch her face in a mirror as he fed his cock into her tight, stuck-up ass. That would be a hell of a picture.

He shook himself as they entered the neighborhood he wanted and murmured, “International Embassy please.”

Jake spent the next two hours pretending to have a meeting with the American Consulate while taping a meeting that was taking place in the next office between a Middle Eastern Dignitary and his mark. His mark was a Finnish Diplomat and Jake was sure he was their mole. When the men had finished their meeting and exited the room, Jake artfully drew his meeting to a close and slipped out of the building.

He moved out past the gate, returning the salute of the International Guardsmen. He strode away from the International Embassy, slowing to a stroll after several blocks. He was at the edge of Embassy row and the streets started to have shops and vendors. He was entering the neighborhood of high-class apartment high rises where many of the IEPA personnel lived. He stopped at a sidewalk café and ordered a black coffee at their window. His green gaze habitually noticed what was going on around him and he froze as he caught something out of the corner of his eye.

He turned, his brow furrowing. Across the street, flower vendor. He watched himself buying some tulips. His head cocked slowly in disbelief as he walked away from the window, his coffee forgotten. His green eyes scanned the territory. There was an alley just behind the flower vendor. He knew he would have to be dead accurate and fast. As his twin was turning he caught his arm, murmuring, “Military business, Sir, if you will step this way.”

His twin allowed himself to be tugged along beside Jake compliantly, saying nothing. Jake stopped midway down the alley where they couldn’t be seen. He looked at his double. The man was wearing blue jeans and a green cotton sweater. There was no aggression or fear response at all. The man’s green eyes simply looked pleasantly back at Jake. Jake regarded his mirror image with narrowed eyes. “You have two seconds to tell me who you are.”

His double blinked at him and murmured, “I am Jake Navarro.”

Jake’s eyes flickered. Of course, the compliance, the innocent look, the lack of fear or curiosity, and now the clincher, the tone of voice. He was talking to a skin job. He murmured, “What series are you?”

The robot spoke back, “I have an appointment, I’m sorry.” And started to move away.

Jake bit out a programming code override, “Override Alpha three seven Delta.”

The Bot stopped and turned toward Jake, his voice without inflection. “I am Jake 1, Series 10 Pleasure Unit.”

Jake’s eyebrows nearly jumped off of his skull. Someone had made his image into a *Pleasure Unit*? He murmured, “Who is your owner?”

The Bot smiled, “I’m sorry. I really can’t stay, I need to...”

Jake snarled out, “Override Alpha Alpha four three.”

The Bot’s voice spoke again without inflection, “Jake 1 is the property of Samantha Waterson.”

Jake’s mouth dropped open. No. Way. His eyes started gleaming. Oh this was…this was…this was too much. Ice Queen Waterson had an illegal skin job that looked like him. Not just a Bot, a *Pleasure Unit*.

Bots and Pleasure Bots were not illegal. They were incredibly expensive and most couldn’t afford them, but they weren’t illegal. However, Bots that looked like living persons were. Even Historical Bots were frowned upon by most. Humans didn’t like the overall idea of Bots being made to look like people who actually existed. The Historical Bot trade had been a fad for about eight months several years ago, but then slowed to a trickle and the large companies didn’t even make them any more. A law had been enacted shortly after the first skin jobs were perfected. It became illegal to make “Human Units” in the image of a living person with the intent to duplicate that person. There were a slew of other laws that were slated to go through concerning Bots at the same time, but they were all shelved when the public policed itself. The public was very excited about Pleasure Bots for a while, but all in all, they wanted human interaction. There were collectors certainly, and Pleasure Bot clubs. And there were a large amount owned privately throughout the world, but the bottom line was that most humans ultimately went back to humans for their sex.

Jake shook his head then took out his palm device, “Override Delta two two Omega. Command: Present your programs arm.”

The Bot obediently extended his right arm. Jake pushed up his sleeve, peeled back a section of skin, and opened the catch. He plugged the palm unit into the Programs file downloading all active programs of the Bot. As a second thought he also downloaded all visual recordings of the programs. It only took a few seconds. He pocketed his device and murmured, “Override four six Delta Delta, Question: Why are you out of your dwelling?”

The Bot smiled and replied, “I do the shopping at 11am every Tuesday. I must be at the freight elevator at 12:30 exactly to return undetected into the dwelling.”

Jake looked at his watch. The Bot didn’t have a lot of time. He nodded and murmured, “Alpha code, six niner seven, you will delete this conversation and meeting. You will dump it from your system at your regular cleaning cycle. Forget.”

The Bot blinked and then smiled, turned on its heel and walked out of the alley. Jake pulled out his palm device and encoded a message: “Need all info and codes on Samantha Waterson, American Director, IEPA.”

He sent the encrypted message and wandered back to the café, stopping and buying a coffee this time, before looking for a taxi.

III. Tuesday-4-17-74

Jake entered his spacious apartment tossing his coat on a chair. He entered his office, spoke a word into a panel on the wall and watched the room shift. An entire wall slid back and revealed his real base of operations. He moved to the desk in the hidden room and sat down at his secure terminal. He punched in an entrance code and waited. The screen flicked to a password screen and the machine’s female voice stated, “Confirm retina scan.” He leaned forward and looked into the small camera on the side of the device, a red light flickered briefly and the words ‘Retina scan confirmed’ flashed up on the screen. The cool professional voice continued, “Confirm vocal scan with password.”

Jake murmured, “Lancelot.”

Immediately his image jumped onto the screen. Stats lined up next to it. Senior Special Agent Jacob Lyons. Born 6/21/2039, Portland, Oregon. Graduated with Honors US Naval Academy. US Military Navy SEALS. Demolitions Unit Instructor. Sniper Unit Instructor US Military Special Forces. International Peacekeeper-Enforcer Unit Undercover International Agent Undercover Interplanetary Agent-Homebase: Earth Interplanetary Anti-Terrorism Unit. Licensed Interplanetary Assassin. Covert Operator. Operations assigned since recruitment-144. Operations successfully completed since recruitment-144. Status: ACTIVE Current Alternate Identity-Captain Jake Navarro, US Army, Senior Liaison Officer, Interplanetary Peacekeeping Force-Stationed Washington DC, USA, Earth

Jake waited until the female voice spoke again, “Password for current Operation.”

His low voice murmured, “Gollum.”

Immediately CIA Deputy Director Duncan McCrae’s image came up on the screen. The silver haired man smiled at him, “Hello, Jake.”

“Hello Duncan, I’m transmitting intelligence gathered from the International Embassy. I gotta say, Dunc, this Op is really chapping my hide. I’m not used to these long hang times in country before action.”

The older man smiled gently. Jake was the best Agent he had and loyal as hell, but he hated sitting around, and he had been doing exactly that for over four months now. Duncan knew the deadly young Operator wanted to flush out his secondary target and eradicate the mole that fed damaging information to their primary target, the Drokazee Warlord, Kephasa Zul.

The deputy director made his voice soothing, “You know this is deep, Jake. This may involve several important people in the International Government. I pray to God that there are no Americans in on this. Your intelligence reports have been absolutely crucial to this Operation. When the action comes it will hit hard and fast, just the way you like it. For right now, enjoy yourself. You are on call status for the next 14 days. Your mark is spending two fun filled weeks on Fiona.”

Jake murmured, his emerald eyes dancing, “Any chance of me taking a vacation to Fiona as well?”

Duncan chuckled, “You know River is our Agent on the slave world.”

Jake murmured dryly, “River, that fucker. I want to know how he managed that assignment. I trained that pup. River spends every night of the last four months dressed in a silk robe spanking a Fionian slave girl, and I’m stuck in sub-par quarters in DC, answering to a Hellbitch and doing my own laundry. And now to add insult to injury, my mark gets to spend two weeks at a Pleasure resort getting serviced by the best slaves on Fiona. Where’s the Universal fairness in that one, Dunc?”

Duncan chuckled again at Jake’s dry tone, “Now, now, River doesn’t spend *every* night with his little morsel. He gets the job done. Obviously he was well trained. Besides, Jake, I distinctly remember that *you* were the one who introduced your whole team to the pleasures of the slave world during some down time three or four years ago. If River knows Fiona inside and out, it’s because of your...instruction...” Duncan grinned and Jake gave him a look.

“Oh, incidently, Jake, speaking of Samantha Waterson. I brought up the info on her you wanted. She has a clean record. No crime. No moral turpitude. She does not currently employ any domestic service people, although she did used to have a maid service come in once a week. She terminated that contract approximately four months ago, let’s see, where is the date, ah, yes, she cancelled the service on January 4th. She has a chef service deliver prepared meals to her apartment once a week. She has no husband, no dependents, no pets, and the last time she dated anyone was 5 months ago. Name: Jerry Pendleton. She saw him twice and then cut him off. She goes out to Sunday brunch at 11am with a group of girlfriends every week at Café Septieme. She has no recent large credit purchases, but she has had a significant amount deducted per month since January to a company listed as KDC. I checked it out. That was rather interesting. The letters stand for Koy Design Company. The company does not advertise and is not registered for anything but taxes. It has existed for two years and makes a hell of a profit. Tax records for the company are clean. The business is registered to a Dela Koy. She has a day job, Jake. Get this… Senior Design Scientist, Research and Development,...” Duncan cleared his throat, “...for Hosang International.”



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