Saturday, 26 May 2012

Dragon Tattoo (5 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

The shop was in a rather seedy part of town. The streets were dark and littered. She hesitated briefly. Then, taking a deep breath to gather her courage, she went inside. A young man with stringy brown hair was tattooing a pudgy biker. Both looked at her with disinterest. The young man ignored her. Her eyes narrowed a bit at the insult. She was finding it hard to believe that this place deserved the reputation for excellent work that it had.

A soft touch on her shoulder. She turned and found herself looking at a massively muscled chest. She looked up into startling amber eyes.

"May I help you?" His soft, deep voice was courteous. The young man flushed. She ignored him to look up at the golden-eyed giant. He was easily seven feet tall. His long blond hair was pulled back into a tail. He was wearing only leather pants and boots. A dragon tattoo peered over his shoulder, its claws on his upper arm and its tail curling around his torso and disappearing under his belt. The amber eyes warmed as she didn't flinch from him.

"I was considering a tattoo," she replied softly. "A small one." He smiled slightly and nodded. She was beginning to wish she were twenty years younger and in better shape.

"The designs are here," he said, turning towards a low table and a pair of easy chairs. The dragon on his back seemed alive as he moved. He waited until she sat, then offered her a large book to look through.

"Thank you," she said. He nodded and went to the young man and the biker. No words were spoken, but she could almost feel his anger at the young man's rudeness. Evidently, the young man could feel it as well. He carefully finished his work and then left with a quiet word. She glanced up at him as he passed her. He nodded a curt farewell. She nodded in reply. A flash of relief lit his eyes as he left. The biker paid for his new decoration and left, ignoring her.

Amused, she went back to looking at the designs. Flowers, ribbons, hearts, some abstract designs. Nothing really caught her fancy. Then she saw the small dragon, curled into a spiral. It was larger than she really wanted, but she kept coming back to it. She felt him at her shoulder. She turned her head to look up at him. The beautiful amber eyes were expressionless. Her fingers were caressing the small dragon.

"He is meant to be a pair," he said softly, "one spiraling in each direction." He paused.

"Oh," she said, disappointed. Two were more than she wanted. Or could afford. The prices were listed in the book. There was none listed by the small dragon. She stroked the picture and sighed. None of the other designs really attracted her. He sat next to her, waiting for her decision. She sighed again.

"I'm sorry," she said as she handed the book back to him. He, too, stood.

"The spiral dragons," he said softly, "go here." His finger spiraled around her breasts, first one, then the other. Her nipples hardened as arousal pulsed through her.

"I…can't…afford them," she whispered, caught in his amber gaze.

His golden eyes gleamed. "They have no price," he replied softly. "I have been looking for someone who wants them for years." His finger spiraled around her breasts again. She was finding it hard to breathe.

He stepped back from her. Then he handed her a card. "Come back if you wish," he said softly. She simply nodded and left.

She put the card in her pocket and somehow managed to drive home. She kept feeling his finger on her breasts and seeing his amber eyes. At home, she looked at the card. His handwriting was graceful and elegant. He had written, The dragons are yours, if you wish. Midnight. Any night.

She found herself trembling. Over the next few days, she found her self looking at the card. The message remained the same. Her dreams were haunted by his unusual amber eyes. She found herself at the door of the shop. At midnight. With a trembling hand, she touched the door handle. The door opened easily. Slowly, hesitantly, she went in. He was waiting for her.

He led her into a small, private room. Golden eyes gleaming, he gently removed her blouse and bra. He held her breasts in his large hands for a moment, his sigh soft as he touched her soft skin. He urged her into a recliner. The back reclined only enough for him to work. She trembled slightly as his finger swirled around her breast. Then he began the tattoos. It hurt. Yet it aroused her, having him touch her, create on her skin. The first dragon was finally finished, the tail curling around her hard nipple. He stroked her breast. A soft moan deep in her throat as his touch eased the pain of the needles.

Then he did the second dragon. Again, easing the pain with his touch. Then he kissed her nipples, teasing her with his tongue, gently nipping her with his teeth. She moaned softly in pleasure. She was limp in the chair, eyes closed, breathless as he continued to caress her breasts and kiss her nipples. Her hands were smoothing the skin of his shoulders, touching her face.

"Will you stay with me?" he whispered.

Her fingers caressed his lips. "Yes," she breathed.

He lifted her out of the chair and carried her to another room. He set her on her feet and removed the rest of her clothing. Then he removed his own clothes. His penis surged into an erection that was as long as her forearm and as thick, with a fist-sized glans. His testicles hung heavy and firm. His dragon tattoo continued down over his abdomen and onto his enormously erect penis.

Her fingers lightly traced the tattoo from his hip to the end of his rigid penis. She looked up into his glowing golden eyes.

"Dragon," she whispered feeling the tremendous heat of his erection in her hands.

He laid her on his bed and moved over her. She caressed his shoulders and chest as he kissed her, soft and hungry. The burning tip of his penis pushed against her, spreading her wider and wider as he slowly pushed into her. The growing pain of his slow penetration made her moan softly into his kiss. Her breasts throbbed as if the spiral dragons were contracting around them.

The huge glans suddenly entered her. She jerked and gasped at the sharp pain. He paused for a moment to kiss her breasts. Then he pushed deeper into her. The massively thick, burning shaft soon had her writhing. He hurt and burned as he pushed deeper and deeper. The fiery pain was arousing her more than she believed possible. His hips ground against hers, his monstrous erection now completely in her. Then a long, slow withdrawal. Another slow, hot penetration. Again and again a she writhed under him, accepting his hungry kisses. Suddenly, she arched and climaxed, her body convulsing in hard spasms around his rigid, burning penis.

A soft sound of pleasure from him as her body clenched him tight, throbbing hard around him. Her orgasm eased and she laid limp under his heavy body. He was still massively hard and hot in her. He began moving harder in her, his thrusts sharper, faster. The burning friction soon had her thrashing against him. The sweet pain of him had her frantic with arousal. Hard, sharp thrusts pushed her into another hard orgasm as his first climax pulsed his fiery ejaculate deep into her. He kept moving in her until her orgasm was constant, intensifying with the rivers of molten fluid her poured into her.

He took her until he was sated before allowing her orgasm to fade. She lay limp and quivering under him. He eased gently from her body, pleased at her soft sound of protest. It was daylight, nearly time to open the shop. He covered her gently and darkened the room so she could sleep. He went to the small room he had used to tattoo her and picked up her blouse, bra, and purse. He placed all of her things on a chair beside the bed. He showered as quietly as possible and went to open the shop. She barely stirred as he kissed her forehead softly before leaving her to sleep.

His thin employee came in on time to make amends for his previous rudeness. The big man allowed the apology. He went to the book and removed the spiral dragon. He would not do it again until she left him and he found another. He looked up at the display of body piercing jewelry. The binding rings and diamond chain glittered. Perhaps she would be the one…

He checked on her from time to time. He had truly exhausted her. She finally stirred during the late afternoon. He showed her the shower and promised her something to eat. She kissed him, focusing only on the touch of her lips on his. His fingers traced her dragons. She sighed in pleasure. He drew back from her, amber eyes gleaming. Another soft sigh, and she went to take her shower.

As she dressed, the thought of putting on her bra bothered her. She examined her dragons. They seemed to curl possessively around her breasts, tails around her nipples. They pleased her. Sudden arousal coursed through her as she thought of the amber-eyed giant. She left the bra off and her blouse opened almost all the way. Her dragons peaked out as she moved.

He returned with hot coffee and sandwiches. His eyes gleamed with approval as he saw how she was dressed. She felt her body quiver at his look. They ate quickly. When they were done, he became very quiet.

A deep breath. "Do you wish to leave?" he asked.

A sudden, hollow feeling hit her. She was quiet for a long time. "Only if you want me to," she whispered softly. He reached out to gently stroke the dragons peeking out from her blouse, feeling her heartbeat under his fingertips.

"I would like you to stay," he murmured, his eyes on her breasts as he continued to stroke her new tattoos.

"Yes," was all she said in reply. His smile made her heart pound and her breath catch. He was beautiful! He held his hand out to her. Smiling up into his eyes, she placed her hand in his without hesitation. He took her out into the shop. The young assistant murmured a polite greeting. She smiled softly and replied.

She sat near her blonde giant to watch him create new designs. He served the occasional client, those willing to pay the high cost of having him do the work. Her gaze was caught by the glitter of the body piercing jewelry. Her eyes kept coming back to two small rings joined by a diamond chain. His eyes blazed briefly as he saw what she was looking at. Each time her eyes fell on the rings, her dragons seemed to caress her breasts. In the back of her mind, she wondered what she was doing. Then her nipples would harden at the thought of him and she didn't care, as long as he wanted her, she would stay.

The shop finally closed. When he came back to her, he had the small rings and the diamond chain in his hand. He took her back to the bedroom. He laid the jewelry on the bedside table. He slowly stripped her and then himself. He picked up the jewelry.

"These are binding rings," he said softly. "They are made from the only two tears a dragon ever sheds." He touched her nipples gently. "They go here. The bind a human woman to her dragon. Forever."

She was trembling. Dragon she had called him when she first lay with him. She touched the small rings. Hot, pulsing. Her spiral dragons caressed her. "Forever?" she whispered.

He nodded. "Dragons do not die," he said softly. "And the woman who accepts binding lives as long as she wishes, never aging, until she no longer accepts the dragon."

"And then?" she whispered.

"Then she sleeps, never to wake." He sighed and couldn't lie to her. "She dies in her sleep," he said softly.

"And the dragon?"


She touched the rings again, her fingers trembling. Then she looked up into his golden eyes. "And if a woman does not accept binding?"

His eyes crinkled with humor. "Then she has her normal life filled with a dragon's passion." The humor faded. "And when her life ends, the dragon again waits, looking for the one who will accept the binding."

"The tears?"

A sad smile. "When a dragon matures, he sheds two tears. One for the fate of his woman and one for his own." He looked down into her wide eyes. Dragon, she had named him. Dragon, he was. Now and forever.

"I can't give you children!" she said.

He shook his head. "Dragons are born of human children's dreams and imagination," he said, "and are always male."

She touched the tattoo on his torso, her trembling fingers lingering just above his huge penis.

"Do you fear me now?" he asked sadly. Her trembling distressed him.

"No," she murmured softly. Then she smiled up at him. She touched the jewels in his hand. "My dragon?"

"Yes," he murmured, his eyes gleaming with golden fire.

She touched his lips gently. "Then bind me to you, my dragon," she murmured, "now and forever."

His brilliant smile made her blood heat. He kissed her right nipple, drawing it into his mouth, pulling it until it was hard against his lips. She moaned softly, her hands tangling in his silky hair. He placed the first ring. She arched and cried out at the sharp, burning pain as the ring snapped through her nipple.

Crooning softly, he held her, his lips gently soothing her nipple, softly kissing away the pain. Then he kissed away her tears. She smiled through her tears and drew his head down to her left breast. He took her left nipple into his mouth, softly pulling it until it was hard and she was again moaning in arousal. Then he placed the second ring. And although she knew that the pain was coming, a cry was still torn from her at the sharp pain. Again, he held her, kissing away the pain and tears until her hands were again in his hair, holding him to her breasts, moaning in arousal.

He looked down at her, eyes gleaming as he fastened the diamond chain to the rings. Then he lightly tugged the chain.

"Oooohhhmmmmmm," she moaned as the arousal surged through her, causing her to collapse against him, writhing.

His strong arms lifted her against his chest. Then he laid her on the bed and moved over her, his monstrous erection poised to enter her. She held out her arms to him. His body was poised over her, his weight held by his massive arms. He leaned down to capture her lips with his. Then, still kissing her, he thrust, forcing his burning erection completely into her in a single savage stroke.

She arched, her scream devoured by his fierce kiss, as an intense orgasm ripped through her, her body convulsing around his enormous shaft. His burning penis thrust and thrust, the sweet pain taking her to constant orgasm that was fueled by his fiery ejaculate pouring into her again and again and intensified by his occasional tugs on her ringed and chained nipples. He took her through the night until he was sated.

They slept joined, her arms around him, his head on her breast, the chain in his hand. She awoke to his hot, hard penis deep in her and his lips gentle on her nipples.

"My dragon," she whispered, arching up to him. He took her hard, with sharp tugs on her chained nipples. She thrashed under his hard, deep thrusts, her screams devoured by his fierce kisses. She writhed and thrashed as he continued to pound deep into her. Their climax was long, hard, and intense. She lay limp and quivering under him as the fire of his orgasm faded in her and her own orgasm slowly eased. He gently withdrew from her and kissed her gently.

Their shower was slow and sensuous. He gave her a soft shirt to wear that was thin and buttoned up to just above her waist. Loose slacks and sandals completed the clothing he gave her. Her nipples were hard from the stimulus of the chain and rings. Her spiral dragons were dimly visible through the thin material of her shirt. The diamond chain glittered in the open front. His amber eyes gleamed as he looked at her. He was wearing the leather pants and high boots. His bare torso rippled with muscle. She brushed his silky blonde hair back and secured it into a tail with an amber and gold clip shaped like a dragon.

He kept his arm around her as they went into the shop. Her days were spent with him, working in the shop. And her nights were filled with the sweet pain of his monstrous penis thrusting hard into her and the fire of his orgasm pouring deep into her.

The woman and her dragon stayed together forever.



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