Saturday, 26 May 2012

Good Morning Surprise

It still feels early as I begin to wake up, grabbing my phone I check the time; 7am. Why in the hell did I wake up this early? It doesn’t sound like anyone is awake so I roll over to go back to sleep. Instead I feel a smile spread across my face. I know you made it to your room to sleep last night. Standing up I grab my robe as it’s easier then getting dressed and move quietly across the hall. Seeing that you left your door cracked I push it open further and peek inside, finding that I was right. You are still sleeping.

Slipping inside I close the door behind me and drop my robe as I kneel on the floor beside you. Sliding the blanket to the other side of the bed I notice you slept in just your boxers. You must have taken a shower before you went to bed. Running my hand over your boxers I tease until I feel you getting hard. Glancing up I see your still asleep. Well this won’t do, I think to myself. Time to try something different. Sliding my hand into your boxers I slip your shaft out and squeeze, gently stroking you a few times before sliding my mouth down. Hearing a low moan from your lips I crawl onto the bed and settle on my knees between your legs. Running my nails up your thigh I slip my mouth around the head of your cock and suck moaning as I feel your hand in my hair.

Rolling my eyes up I smile as you open your eyes and I hear your breath catch as you see I’m naked. I feel your hand move down my neck and hear a frustrated sigh when you realize that I’m too far away to reach any further. Moving to sit up I push you firmly back down. This is your time. I want you to focus on exactly what I’m doing. Picking up speed I make sure to take as much of your shaft into my mouth as possible without slowing down. Working to maintain my pace I feel your hips start to move with me, allowing me to take you deeper with each thrust. Suddenly your hand tightens in my hair causing me to moan again. I know what’s coming next and relax as your hand pushes my head down, forcing me to take your cock completely to the base as your cum slides down my throat. After a minute your hand loosens its hold and I move to stretch out beside you.

“Good morning babe.”

No sooner have the words left my mouth than your arm wraps around my waist pulling me against you. I shudder as your hand moves to cup my breast and squeezes, making your nails bite in to my skin. Moaning I roll onto my back and grab the back of your neck bringing your lips to mine. Running my tongue over your lips I groan as your suck my tongue and bite down gently. Breaking away from my lips I squeeze your neck in encouragement as you bite my neck and chest, moving to play with my sensitive nipples. While you continue to play with my breasts I feel your hand move down my stomach then past my hips.

My back arches as you rub my swollen clit before slipping a finger into my wet pussy. Gasping I let go of your neck and tangle my hands in the sheets as my breathing speeds up. Unable to stay still, I moan, feeling the pressure that’s building intensify as you play with my clit while your finger flexes inside me. Suddenly I’m crying out under your hands as waves of pleasure crash over me. As the waves subside and my eyes focus again I curl into you and steady my breathing. Your arm circles my waist and I squeeze closer to you, I smile as I hear your voice.

“Good morning indeed.”

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