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I submitted this story several years ago on another website and is a true story. 

This took place back in 1970. I was still on active duty in the USN, married and fucking a lot of women. My wife at the time was pretty straight laced and to my knowledge, did not fuck around when I was away on cruises at sea. Not that I didn’t encourage her to do that. She loved to fuck, but insisted she could always wait for me to fuck her when I got home.

Well, the inevitable happened and she caught me fucking another woman. We split up, no divorce, just a separation. While we were separated, I visited her a lot while trying to patch things up. One Saturday morning about 11am I went to her appartment, and she answered the door in her robe. Now she is not a late sleeper, so I was wondering why she wasn’t dressed.

Anyway, I started to make my move to seduce her knowing she had nothing on under that robe. It took a while, but I finally got the robe off her and was doing the fore play stuff sucking her nice tits and kissing her. I began to move down from her tits and was kissing her belly, then tried to move to eat her pussy. She was having none of it and I could smell that she was not “fresh” . Alarm bells are ringing in my head and decided she was not dressed because someone had just fucked her. The aroma of her cunt was another sign. Finally, I relented and just eased my cock into her. I am about crazy at this point with excitement. As my cock entered, she was very wet and loose.

I knew immediately she had been fucked, and recently. Her cunt was was so loose there was no mistaking something pretty big had recently been in her. As I fucked her I kept telling her she had never been this wet and loose and that she had just been fucked by someone. She kept telling me that wasn’t true. However, I kept telling her I was not upset and love the feeling of sloppy seconds.

Finally she said, “it is not sloppy seconds, it is sloppy thirds”. WOW I couldn’t believe it, my wife that said she could always wait for me to fuck her, had fucked someone, and at least 3 times or maybe 3 guys,

I kept fucking her and pressing her for details. As she became more confident that I was not upset, she told me it was our mutual friend, and my shipmate Harvey. WOW now I am really excited because Harvey is black and I have seen him in the shower aboard ship. He makes my 6inches look like a little cock. He is easily 6 inches when he is soft. Little by little the details came out.

She had seen him in the Chief’s club the night before and she wound up taking him home with her. He had fucked her twice during the night and just before I got there. We had not missed each other more than 5 minutes and she was just headed to the shower when I arrived.

Now I was really turned on and my cock was a ticking time bomb. I asked her to get on her knees since she loves it from behind. When her ass was in the air, I looked at her cunt and it was so red, wet, and open. I couldn’t resist. As I moved toward her, I just dipped my head and started licking her cunt. At first she protested because she thought it dirty. I kept at it until she came, and she said “get on your back. You want it, I will let you have it”.

I lay on my back and she straddled my head and lowered her cunt to my lips. Now gravity helped and what cum was in there started to flow and I was licking her fast and deep. Different taste, but I had tasted my own cum many times, but this was a first and not really different than mine.

I finally slid out from under her after she had cum hard a couple times, and I stuck my cock back in her and fucked her as hard as I could. After I shot my load, we lay in the afterglow and talked. I cum a lot and she said it was strange. Harvey has such a big cock but does not cum very much in volume compared to me.

I found out that it was the first time they had hooked up and she wouldn’t mind it again. I told her I would love to do this again, and asked if she would call me after he fucked her so I could enjoy the sloppy seconds. She promised she would and it would be soon.

We soon moved back in together with a new understanding, and we began to have Harvey as a guest on a regular basis. A lot more to tell, but for another time. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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