Saturday, 26 May 2012

Punked Out At A Punk Show (5 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

Adam climbed quickly into the back of the van, followed closely behind by Luke. He stepped carefully over a girl he didn't know and managed to squeeze into a small bit of seat next to a guy he had met a couple of times before...James...John..He wasn't sure, and the music was cranked so loud, it really didn't matter, as there was no chance of conversation.

He smiled and gave a lift of his head as if to say 'What's up?' and settled back into the cramped seat as the van lurched forward, practically tumbling Luke into his lap.

Adam laughed and playfully pushed him down to the floor with the rest of the misfits; Other guys and girls, punked or gothed out, dressed for the occasion.

Fortunately the venue was close, and as the van rolled to a stop in lot close by, the occupants all tumbled out of the rusty side door. They all walked across the street to the amphitheater and wandered off in groups of two or three, waving goodbyes, enjoy the shows and promises of meeting back at the van after.

Adam and Luke stuck close to each other, laughing and pointing at the various freaks and beautiful people. They whispered suggestively to each other about which girl they'd fuck, and which wouldn't be allowed within 10 feet of their respective dicks.

After presenting tickets to the gate guards, and a quick pat down at the door, they followed the flow of punks, goths and strange creatures from all other walks of life into the large theater. Their tickets were general admission, and the floor wasn't yet crowded, as the opening band wasn't well known enough to warrant a throng of followers.

Deciding to spend the first 45 minutes or so of avoiding mediocre music, Adam retreated to the lobby for a beer and wandered aimlessly through others with the same idea in mind; Only interested in seeing the headlining band.

The main doors opened and a small crowd bled through, indicating that the opening act was done, and intermission was now in session.

Adam wandered back with his half finished cup of beer, carefully holding it to avoid being jostled by the careless concert goers. He found Luke and a hot little number that Luke had apparently lured. Adam gave him a smirk and a nod to indicate that he would wander off, so as not to cramp his style.

Adam didn't mind enjoying the show by himself. He was a fan of the music and wasn't really interested in hooking up that night, so it didn't bother him that Luke had found a possible fuck interest. It simply meant that he didn't feel responsible for keeping Luke entertained during the show that he would have rather focused his attention on, anyway.

The lights began to dim again, and a roar went up as fans began to press toward the front of the stage, the theater floor now to maximum capacity, as compared to the near emptiness during the opening band's set.

Adam pressed in with the crowd, enjoying the feel of warm bodies around him; Male and female, clothed and half nude. He didn't mind the heat and sweat as bodies gyrated and moved to the sound of the music.

During the more high energy numbers, the center of the crowd would begin to swirl into a giant mosh pit. Adam himself danced crazed through the crowd, slamming and banging into other revelers; An action done in glee and not in anger. When a comrade had gone down, there were always arms extended to upright the fallen one.

During the slower or more intense numbers, the throng seemed to breathe as one and press closer into each other. Bodies were mashed so tightly against each other, one could scarcely move to either extend or lower ones arms.

It was during such a number that Adam felt himself pressed in tightly to a sweaty body in front of him, beside him and behind him. He didn't mind the close proximity, as did neither his fellow concert goers. Personal space was not an issue in this situation, so Adam thought nothing of it when he felt an arm reach around him and brush against his crotch.

When it happened again, he strained, unable, to turn and look at whoever was purposely trying to touch his crotch. Only able to slightly turn his head, he was aware of a very male presence behind him, strong and unmoving as he pressed himself closer into Adam.

At this point, Adam lost focus in the music and began to twist slightly, trying to move away from the man behind him, only to find himself pressed closer into the person in front of him.

His arms were lifted in the air, and he was unable to lower them to push the invading hands away. He felt his body jerk suddenly, when he realized the hands were suddenly working at the fly of his baggy jeans. He screamed out a protest, lost in the screams of the active crowd. He writhed violently as practiced fingers easily tugged the baggy jeans down his legs.

Adam shifted his legs, lifting one and then the other to keep his pants from hitting the floor. The first thought in his head was one of embarrassment of being discovered with his pants down, however, the crowd surrounding him paid him no mind.

When the crowd shifted again and surged forward, he sought to escape and shuffled forward, hampered by his pants around his legs. His tormenter followed, hooking an arm around Adam's waist and holding him close.

The tormentor's body was pressed close against Adam's ass; His fly was open as well, and Adam could feel his hard cock pressed against his ass. He struggled hard to move away, with nowhere to go. His whimpers and protests were lost in the screams of the fans in their homage to their heroes on stage.

Suddenly, the tormenter managed to hook his fingers inside the legs of Adam's tight boxer briefs. Adam felt it immediately, and again writhed in protest to no avail. He felt himself heat with shame as his underwear were slowly inched down his legs, exposing his ass and cock to press against the body in front of him.

He twisted again to refrain from grinding his naked cock against the stranger in front of him, but was unable to lose the tormentor pressing in tightly behind him. After struggling to slide his arms back down, he was finally able to lower them, but not able to bend enough to retrieve fallen drawers and pants.

The strangers arm stayed curled around his bare stomach, pushing up his Sex Pistol's t-shirt and caressing his belly gently. Adam's body jerked again, as the strange hand suddenly dropped lower, warm fingers curling around his cock. He cried out in protest, the sound again lost, and twisted his hips violently to pull away, only to push himself back against the naked cock, now managing to squeeze its way between his exposed ass cheeks.

Adam shrieked when he realized that the cock invading his crack was poised to press into his tight hole. The hand encircling his cock began to tug gently, bringing him to a reluctant erection. He whimpered and twisted, keeping his cheeks clenched tight to keep out the foreign body from pressing in, unwantedly.

The breath of the tormentor was warm on Adam's neck. So was his tongue against his ear, and Adam flinched and yelped in disgust. His body began to shake in anger, fear and disgust, even as his cock grew harder in the tormentor's fist.

He felt the body behind him lower and pull back slightly, poised to impale Adam on the hard cock. Adam shrieked and struggled. The invading cock managed to wedge its way between tight cheeks and press against his rectum.

Adam was screaming and trying to push away the arm that was jerking his cock. He tried to reach around and push the body behind him away as well, with no luck.

The fat cock head managed to finally press open his rectum, and Adam's voice cracked with sobs of pain and humiliation. He shook his head from side to side, screaming protest, as the invading cock slowly and meticulously worked its way in him.

Adam's muscles instinctively clenched down and pushed, trying to force out the monstrous invasion, which only seemed to allow it easier entrance. His body was wracked with sobs, his face wet with tears from the searing pain that was burning his raped ass.

The invading cock pushed slowly and deliberately, until Adam felt the warm body pressed against him again, the cock buried to the hilt in his ass.

All he could do was sob and shake his head in defiance, while the stranger's hand continued to stroke him. His cock had softened some from the pain of his ass being raped, but the tormentor was an expert at working it back to full erection. Knowledgeable fingers stroked Adam's length, squeezing and releasing, milking and stroking. Teasing fingers brushed across his sensitive cockhead, causing him to shudder.

Just when he thought his tight hole and gotten used to the intrusion, he felt the tormentor's cock slowly retreat. Adam grunted, and would've doubled over had there been room. He felt his bowels being evacuated, and suddenly felt the sudden urge to shit. Again he screamed in protest, clenching tightly, scared to death that he would shit himself in the midst of hundreds of people.

Just before he felt himself emptied and bowel control all but lost, the cock slammed back in, hard. Adam grunted in pain and now felt the uncontrollable urge to piss, as the pressure of the foreign body inside him pressed into him. He gasped and clenched down again, struggling to maintain his bodily functions, but the cock in his ass was relentless, as was the hand around his own member, and he felt himself shamefully spurt piss straight up to wet his own belly and chest.

The relief of pissing was nearly orgasmic, and Adam groaned, unknowingly, and slumped back into the stranger's arms, defeated and resigned.

Meanwhile, the mood of the crowd had changed again, as the band began a new number. The masses began to swirl, and Adam found himself and his tormentor flowing with the sea of bodies. The tormentor kept his arm firmly around Adam, his cock buried deep, and his fingers curled tightly around Adam's own hard dick.

They both shuffled and swayed; Adam struggling to stay upright with his pants and underwear around his ankles, being held from behind. His tormentor managed to guide them both away from the center of the mosh pit before it got too crazy, and off to the side of the stage, where he pressed Adam's body against the security fencing.

Adam's body was now openly exposed. His legs were spread with the tormentor's hand roughly jerking his dick. The cock was now pumping steadily in and out of his burning ass. Adam sobbed continuously, grunting with each thrust. Tears and snot dripped from his face as he was raped for what seemed like hours, but was actually only about 20 minutes.

He began to gasp as he felt the stirrings of orgasm begin in his own balls..He screamed silently again in protest.

'NO!! GOD NO!! I can't cum like this!!!'

He grit his teeth and tossed his head back defiantly, willing himself NOT to cum. The steady pumping of the cock in his ass, grinding against his prostate, and the deliberate and sensuous stroking of his cock would not allow him to refrain.

Adam felt his entire body shudder. The sensation burned like a delicious heat in his groin and spread outward. His cock shot as he was milked, the tormentor's fingers curled and stroking, over and over.

His ass clenched down hard as he came, inadvertantly milking his tormentor's cock as well. Adam felt the large member suddenly swell inside him. He cried out again.

'God No!! Fuck NO!! Don't fucking cum in my ass!!'

The cock plunged in hard and deep; The body behind him rigid. Fingers squeezed tightly around his own cock, and suddenly his ass was filled with something warm and wet. He heard his tormentor grunt in his ear. The cock was pulled out slightly and rammed in, again and again. More spurts of warm liquid filled his bowel. Adam began to sob again. His rape complete.

The tormentor slumped against him and gave a low groan. He gave Adam's cock a final squeeze and released it. Adam felt his anal muscles relax, and a rush of fluids released as his ass was slowly emptied by the tormentor's cock.

The tormentor gently kissed Adam's cheek, and then roughly pushed him to the side. Adam stumbled over onto the floor, away from the majority of the crowd. He could feel eyes on him, and he quickly struggled to sit up and pull up his pants and underwear.

He scrambled to his feet, tugging his clothes the rest of the way up, and felt the seat of his undewear warm and soaked. He turned quickly to see his tormentor, who by this time was long lost in the crowd.

Either nobody cared, or really saw what had happened to him. Adam managed to stumble to an exit, clutching his stomach, which was now in a turmoil of knots. He found his way to some bushes and vomited the beer from earlier. His stomach rolled as he puked and gagged with dry heaves.

Finally finished, he slowly stood upright, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and grinding his eyes with the heels of his palms to wipe away the tears.

He staggered slowly, wincing with each step. His rectum was on fire, his shirt wet with sweat and piss, his pants soaked with cum and probably blood. Humiliated and horrified, to meet the rest of his friends when the concert finally let out.

The tears began again when the events of the evening played back through his mind. He leaned against the van, sobbing and shaking. He had to think of something quickly to tell his friends, knowing they would smell cum and piss on him, knowing the blood had soaked through his pants.

There was no way he could ever tell anyone what had happened to him. He could only hope and pray that nobody inside REALLY saw what had happened.



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