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Ten Days In The Valley

Kim was locked out of her parents home and needed help from a neighbor.There was a full moon in the sky as I turned down Dreamy Draw, an exclusive enclave of white stucco homes with red tile roofs, in the north end of Scottsdale, Arizona.

I had been on loan from NBC to its affiliate KNBC in Phoenix as a copy editor, and enjoyed the change of pace from New Yorks bustling streets to the serenity of Dreamy Draw. My job was easy, and usually only required a few hours each afternoon to prepare for the evening news.

As I swung my red Porsche up the hill to Eagle Way, the street I lived on, my headlights panned across my front yard as I pulled in my driveway. There was a silhouette of a young female sitting on my front steps.

I slid out and clicked my remote and headed up the grassy lawn towards my front door. The silhouette jumped up and ran towards me. I couldn't make out the face because my bright porch lights had her back lit, and the voice was unfamiliar.

Upon reaching me, she asked, "Mr. Carr?"

"Yes, I'm Mr. Carr. Who are you?" My voice was soft but carried some urgency to it.

"I'm Kim. Kim from next door!" A sweeping motion at the home of my neighbors, Don, and Donna Hall justified her presence in this gated community.

The Hall's spoke of her often, but I had never met her as she had been away at college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

"Ah, Kim..yes, I know who you are. Your mom and dad talk about you all the time." I started walking to my front porch and lit a cigarette. "So, what are you doing here Kim?"

We stepped up on my porch and she replied, "I came to spend a few days with my folks. It

is spring break, ya know." A bubble popped from her lips as she smacked away on a piece of Bazooka bubble gum.

Kim's pink lips glistened under the porch lights and I had a familiar sensation between my legs.

It didn't help as her tongue raced around her lips causing me even more uneasiness.

I knew she couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 years old, and at 42, that just made her more desirable. My almost erection pushed against my zipper.

I was also curious to see how she would take my news.

"Uh, Kim honey. Your folks are on vacation."

My head tilted to the right apologetically, and my lips pursed.

"FUCK!" She slapped her sides and stomped her feet.

Before I knew it, she had taken the cigarette from my lips and sucked on it until I thought the cherry would fall down her low cut tee shirt.

A massive volume of smoke poured from her lips as she continued. "That's the fucking problem with this family. No communication!" She handed me back my hot cigarette now coated nicely in pink lip gloss.

My eyes went to the planter as she sat back down on my steps to pout. I counted five pink stained cigarette butts in the mulch under my hibiscus.

I hiked up the legs of my slacks and sat with her.

"Been here long?" I motioned with my head to the planter.

"Fuck! I'm sorry. Yeah, I've been here a while. My sometime boyfriend just dumped me here when we found my parents front door locked. Man, he was pissed. Bastard just got back in his fucking Jeep and hauled ass. Just left me here to fend for myself." She lit a fresh cigarette and said, "That's why I'm here." then exhaled over her shoulder.

"Uh, you lost me somewhere. Tell me again why you're on my front steps and not yours"

"The key that's supposed to be under the flowerpot wasn't there and the house was dark and quiet. You place was all lit up, and well...I'm a bit scared of the dark. Besides, don't neighbors usually have keys to each others houses? You know for emergencies and shit?"

The tip of her cigarette lit up her face as she took another deep drag.

"I guess that makes sense, but in this case...this neighbor has no key to your parents house. Sorry, hon."

"Well, fuck! Now what do I do?"

Ok, this would be the right time to show some empathy and a little class, but those were qualities that seemed to escape me at moments like this. Maybe it was my carefully trained cock stabbing at my zipper, or her moist young mouth, that made me say, "I guess you could stay here tonight!"

The change of expression on her face was instantaneous.

The young bubble gummer was now stunningly sexy. Warm smoke curled playfully over her glossed lips in route to her nose where she inhaled it; tossing her head back seductively.

Sparkling almond shaped green eyes stared back at me.

"Oh, yeah? And where would I sleep Mr. Carr?"

My mind swept through my four bedroom three bath home searching for suitable accommodations, but as usual, my brain typically disengages under pressure.

I blurted out, "With me of course!" then grinned sheepishly.

Kim surprised me when she stood and replied, " for me!"

I nimbly found my feet under me and keyed the massive lock on my tall entry door and stepped back so she could step in.

We stood in the darkness for a few seconds before my nervous hand found the light switch.

Suddenly, the sunken living room came to life.

Kim held her hands to her chest and dropped her jaw.

"What the fuck Mr. Carr! Are you rich?" Those almond eyes scanned my house like a burglar that was in a rush.

I grinned and nodded, "I do ok. Can I get you something to drink?"

She dragged again like a movie star and said in her best Sharon Stone voice, "vodka rocks."

Now, what the fuck was I thinking?

My minds eye saw me being led from my home by two of Scottsdale's' finest to a waiting squad car with the cherry flashing on top. Naturally, the Hall's were out on their lawn pointing at me while my news team at KNBC filmed it all.

"Mr. Carr?" A tiny voice from my nightmare made me shake the visions from my head.

"Hmm?" I said intelligently as I stubbed my cigarette out nonchalantly.

"Vodka rocks?"

"Wouldn't you rather have a Dr.Pepper" I replied with a stupid smile. It was hard for me to believe I actually said that.

She stood on her toes and kissed me quickly right on the mouth.

"You're too fucking cute...I'm 21 hon, so relax. Garrett right?" Another sexy drag had my knees as weak as my mind. Now, here's where those Masters Degrees come in handy. All the college credits in the world had prepared me for this moment.

I hunched down and replied, "What?" and made it a point to look her in the eyes as I said it!

Kim snuffed out her cigarette and said, "Everything cool with you Garrett?" which pissed me off because she was calmer than I was.

I regained my composure, "Vodka rocks it is." and pulled a pair of tumblers from the glass shelf behind my bar and executed a world class pour . Then with the precision of a surgeon splashed three cubes in each glass.

After that, well things get blurry.

I do remember the moment she when she uttered the words I hadn't heard in 25 years.

"I'm a virgin baby, so please take it easy at first!"

Once again, my mind did a rewind to the earlier film at eleven with me in handcuffs and scowling neighbors.

And once again, I showed my brilliance.

With her long dark hair fanned against my snow white pillows, she laid on my left arm and with our lips almost touching, I replied, "Hmm?" then closed my eyes in horror at my stupidity.

"Virgin hon. That means my hymen is intact. I bumped it once with my vibrator, and Jenny said to just do it, and shove it in, but I chickened out."

I felt myself gulp.

"Jenny? Who's Jenny?"

"Oh, Jenny is my roommate at NAU hon. We're not you know, sweethearts or nothing, but we do fuck around kissing and eating each other out and shit. But we don't fuck each other except scissor style."

My mind slipped into overdrive as I pictured this hot Eurasian chick nibbling on my neck being eaten out by another college hottie. Plus, to me...there's nothing sexier than two women rubbing their cunts together as they hold hands and lean back with their legs scissor style and fuck each other to wondrous climaxes!

But, the time had come for me to step up.

"I'll be gentle."

Ok, it wasn't Shakespeare, but it was a start.

It had been a while since I kissed a teenager that loved kissing as much as my neighbors daughter. Her tongue made love to my lips slowly building my arousal. The saliva generated just made her hotter. She slurped the dangling stringers between our mouths as if it were spaghetti.

Soft moans, and heavy breathing had my cock bubbling. She would just scoop it off with her forefinger and slip it between perfect pink lips. Then she would drag it slowly out of her warm mouth, kiss me with her tongue and go back for more.

Delicate fingers toyed with my stiff nipples as she worked her hand down to my throbbing cock.

She paused around the faint hairs and rubbed them.

"Nice baby. I was hoping you weren't bushy down there."

I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had always been bushy. I was Greek and Greek men are typically very bushy, unless they happen to read Playboy. Since I was an early subscriber to the decadent and debauchery filled lifestyle promoted there, I agreed with the masses. I adopted the philosophy that a debonair man such as myself, needed manscaping.

Since I considered the magazine the ten commandments for cocksmen like me, I had been manscaped ever since.

The pride between my legs stood erect for the Eurasian goddess as she pulled the skin down my uncut dick and licked the dark flesh under the rim. More cum dribbled down my thick shaft covering her small knuckles, but that didn't stop her.

She was picnicking around my cock savoring the experience as if it were her first time.

"Is this the first time for you hon? You're really doing a great job! Now,where would you learn all this?"

"Thanks baby...Yeah, first time, but I do watch a lot of porn."

Add mind reader to cock worshiper.

The moment of truth came when she sucked it in her warm mouth. I leaned up on my elbows and watched my Eurasian honey suck on my cock like a porn star. Those pink lips left little ringlets indicating how far she had taken me with each thrust. My veins looked like they would pop any second as she rubbed them with her thumb.

I didn't want to be selfish and be the only one receiving pleasure , so I sent my right hand down on pussy patrol.

Suddenly, I caught my finger on something I had never felt before. It was shiny and slippery, and clearly not flesh!

"Uh, Kim?"

She looked up with cum dripping from her chin, "Hmm?"

"Babe, you have something down there."

A wide grin fell across her face, "Clit ring, baby."

Again, "Hmm?"

A man never appreciates chucking in bed, but frankly I chuckled with her.

"It's a clit ring. Supposed to enhance the sexual experience."

"Well, does it?" I asked boldly.

"How the fuck do I know? But, I'll tell you soon...I hope."

Well, of course she didn't know. A clit ring supposedly vibrates against the clit as the mans cock slides over it, but since she had never had a real cock in her, naturally she didn't know.

Keeping that in mind, I flipped her on her back and crawled between her narrow hips. I glanced down and saw her clit ring was vertical which seemed logical since womens pussies are vertical as well.

That is unless you're on Saturn or Pluto where the vagina is kept in the females purse.

I kept my weight off her by leaning on my elbows. My big cock was at the door.

Kim smiled and said, "This is a big moment. I've masturbated to this till my fingers are raw. Now, don't fuck this up for me!"

As we all know by now, working under pressure was not my strong suit.

I said, "Ok, hang a minute. I need to do some reconnaissance."

I slid down her sweaty body and pushed her thighs apart.

While she was very wet, her pussy lips had stuck together.

My experienced tongue worked up and down her slit until they loosened. I was so turned on staring at her clit ring, I just had to bite it and for some crazy reason, it made me want to hum!


The flood gates opened as her legs shuddered squirts from her first climax.

"Awww up here and fuck me!"

I moved up her trembling body, not even pausing for some tit sucking where her mouth clamped on my neck as she groaned, "Fuck it...don't be gentle... baby. Go on...hurt me!"

Her hands went to my ass cheeks and she jerked as I rammed and it was on.

Just a few whimpers later, she cried, "Perfect! Now fuck the shit out of me!"

We banged the headboard until it fell straight down the wall.

Then the bed danced around the hardwood floors as my teen lover practiced her cursing!

"Oh, fuck. This is so fucking great! Oh, shit, cunt's on fire!"

I managed to hang on as my neighbors daughter fucked the shit out of ME!

We had our moment together and that rocked her world!

"Oh my God...Oh baby. Fuck that was intense. Remind me in the morning to go back to Fashion Square and tip that fucker that did my clit ring!" Kim sat up and lit a cigarette.

I just laid there spent and exhausted. My chest was sweaty and heaving when she asked, "Ok, so how soon before you're ready to go again, baby?" She dragged and exhaled simultaneously.

I leaned up on one elbow and said, "What's the hurry hon? We have lots of time."

Kim turned her head and looked down at me. "What do you mean, we have lots of time?"

I tilted my head and said, "Your folks won't be back for ten days."

Kim stood and jumped up and down on the bed. "Ten days?!!!"

We fucked the rest of the night.

The next morning, as she sucked on my cock, I called the nit wit boyfriend and asked him to drop off her suitcases at my house.

I made it sound urgent so he did come right over.

There were no words spoken as he handed me her single suitcase.

I glanced up at Kim on the porch as she stood on one foot while the other camped on her knee. She looked so sexy in my NYU tee shirt that fell off one shoulder slightly. A cigarette poised by her pouty lips like a like a Vegas hooker.

Kim nodded, and the kid turned on his bare feet and jogged back to his yellow Jeep.

Once inside, we discovered she only had a few outfits and no sexy lingerie.

I looked down at her and said, "Traveling kinda light aren't you?"

"I thought I was just going to visit my parents. I had no clue this would happen!"

"What happened?"

My brilliant mind was on display once again. I should have expected the answer because she was so young, but I was totally unprepared when she replied, "I fell in love."

That called for a day of shopping at the Fashion Square Mall.

Kim was just a teen, but she was my teen and I wanted the best for her.

She became the best dressed teen in Scottsdale.

I filled the spare bedroom closet with designer dresses, 'coach' handbags, shoes from Gucci, even a Louis Vuitton bag for her essentials.

The next stop was Victoria's' Secret and dropped a bundle.

I adorned her wrist with a Rolex Princess, and a four carat tennis bracelet to match.

During the day, we rode horses to the top of Camelback mountain where there was a small gazebo overlooking the valley below.

We fucked the afternoons away, and at night, danced under the stars at the Borgada.

The locals referred to us as 'the couple' from Dreamy Draw, as we became inseparable.

Finally, on day nine, I drove her back to college.

We stood across from each other holding each others hands in the NAU parking lot to say our goodbyes.

Kim had tears streaming down her face.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked my princess.

"I can't do this. I just can't let you go."

"Hey, you're a woman now. You're strong and independent."

She pursed her glossy lips and answered, "You're so right. Thanks to you."

A tear fell across my cheek as I drove away looking in the rear view mirror.

I stopped at the stop light and watched her in my side mirrors.

Kim was waving until her friends came running out to greet her. I saw her excitedly lower her head and hold her arm out showing off her new jewelry.

The light changed as she blew me a kiss and I drove away.

Kim's parents never knew their sweet daughter had been in town for nine days, and certainly never heard about the couple from Dreamy Draw.

Think I should tell them?

Nah, me neither.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.Ten Days In The Valley

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