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XXXX The Gameshow (5 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

Joe Dingle excitedly took his seat in the large TV studio, where the brand new hit game show – ‘XXXX’ was being filmed. Joe had been a huge fan of the risqué show, which played late nights on the T&A Cable Channel. Joe had won a place in the studio audience after filling in an Internet survey on one of the porn websites he subscribed to.

As he sat down, he saw that the show’s crew was busy arranging the set for tonight’s show, and the show’s curvy co-host – Bambi “Triple Double D” Buchanan was warming up the crowd. Joe had the biggest crush on Bambi, last week’s celebrity guests had been Pamela Anderson, Stacey Valentine and WWE’s Debra, but Joe had barely noticed them when he’d watched the racy episode, his attention almost exclusively devoted to the show’s busty co-host.

Tonight Bambi looked incredible. She was dressed in an ultra low-cut white tank top and a matching white micro-miniskirt. The outfit offset her well-tanned body perfectly and displayed almost every inch of her voluptuous body for the leering stares of the predominantly male audience. Bambi’s version of warming the crowd up, involved moving around the audience and sitting on random lucky audience members laps and letting them squeeze her big boobs through her top.

“This is great,” Joe said with an enthusiastic grin to the pretty young blonde woman that was sitting beside him to the right, she looked around twenty years old, probably a college student. The girl smiled politely back at Joe as he eagerly watched Bambi sit down on an old gray haired man’s lap. The old geezer grinned stupidly at Bambi and the busty co-host had to actually grab his hands and lift them to her bust. Joe wouldn’t need any urging himself if Bambi perched herself on his lap, that’s for sure.

Joe gave a little moan as the old guy fondled Bambi’s huge jugs.

“She’s got a great rack eh buddy?” Joe said to the guy sitting on his left, smiling stupidly.

“You can say that again,” the man nodded, sporting an equally stupid smile.

“She’s got a great rack eh buddy,” Joe repeated with a laugh, Joe wasn’t exactly the funniest guy in the world, despite his own opinion of himself. The other guy grimaced at Joe’s poor attempt at humor and diverted his attention back to Bambi as she moved on to a young man’s lap and rubbed her warm cleavage in his face.

“Ten minutes till Showtime!” one of the crewmembers called out to Bambi.

“Well I’ve got to get down there now folks,” Bambi said apologetically to the audience, Joe was rather disappointed she hadn’t got anywhere near his seat. “I hope you all enjoy tonight’s show, it should be a doozie!”

With that the buxom blonde co-host jiggled her way back down out of the audience, heading down to the set to get ready for the show to begin.

“I wonder who tonight’s celebrity guests are gonna be?” the man beside Joe asked.

“Did you see Pamela Anderson last week?” Joe asked.

“Yeah, she looked hot!” the guy agreed.

Joe sat rather quietly for the next few minutes, watching the crew put the finishing touches on the set. He strained for another peek at Bambi, but for now she remained out of sight. Just as he was starting to get impatient the studio was filled with the familiar theme music that told the audience that ‘XXXX’ was about to begin! Joe could hardly contain his excitement and cheered loudly along with the rest of the crowd.

“Here we go!” he said excitedly to himself. This was fantastic!

The announcers voice filled the studio. “Good evening everyone and welcome to ‘XXXX’ the sexiest, raciest, most risqué game-show on television!” A loud cheer went up from the audience as the ‘applause’ light was lit. “Here’s your host…Kent Hamilton!”

There was another thunderous cheer as Kent jogged out onto the stage, waving his arms at the crowd. Kent was a good-looking silver haired man with very chiseled, Charlton Heston like features. He wore an expensive looking suit that was a deep red color and had a golden ‘XXXX’ pin on the lapel. In one hand he held a golden microphone.

“Welcome everyone,” he said, flashing his big teeth in a winning smile. “I’m Kent Hamilton and this is ‘XXXX’!” There was another cheer from the audience as the theme music started pumping out of the studio PA once again and Kent made his way over to the podium in the center of the stage. “Can you all give a big round of applause for my lovely co-host, Bambi ‘Triple Double D’ Buchanan!”

The clapping, cheering and whistling was deafening this time as Kent’s sexy co-host sauntered seductively out onto the set, wearing the sexy white halter and mini that Joe had seen her in previously. Joe glanced at the monitor that showed the director what the viewers at home would be seeing and noticed that the cameraman was zooming in on Bambi’s jiggling chest as she walked on stage.

“You look divine tonight Bambi,” said Kent warmly as he put an arm around Bambi’s waist and pulled her in close as they begun their usual opening banter.

“Thanks Kent,” Bambi replied sweetly, she gasped slightly as Kent pinched her backside.

“And the puppies look as lovely as ever as well,” Kent continued with a cheeky wink, he reached up with both hands and cupped and squeezed Bambi’s big tits through her halter.

Bambi gasped in feigned surprise as Kent felt her up, despite the fact that this was a nightly ritual.

“Are they bigger than last night?” Kent asked. He leant his head to one side and lifted her tits up one by one as if judging their weight.

Bambi giggled as the handsome presenter groped her. “Don’t be silly Kent.”

“What do you think folks?” Kent asked, turning to the audience but his hands not stopping their squeezing of Bambi’s large hooters. “Do you think they’ve grown?”

The shouted reply from the audience was a mix of yes’s and no’s.

Kent frowned. He finally released Bambi’s boobs and stepped back. “I don’t think the audience knows either Bambi. Maybe we need to take a look?” Kent turned to the audience and raised one eyebrow enquiringly. “Do we need to have a look at her puppies?”

This time the roar from the audience was a unanimous yes! “Puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies!” a group near the front began to chant. Joe joined in the chant, grinning from ear to ear.

“I think you better show us the puppies Bambi,” Kent said, trying to look as serious as possible.

Bambi gave a shrug and then reached up to her halter. She peeled up the bottom and lifted it to her chin, unveiling her huge jugs to the wild cheering of the audience. Bambi giggled and shook her torso, causing her ample tits to catapult impressively around her chest. There was a few wolf whistles from the audience as Bambi took a big tits in each hand and shook them around, then pinched the nipples. Joe saw on the monitor that the cameraman was zooming in ultra-close to catch all the action. Joe was very pleased that he had set his VCR at home to record tonight’s show, just as Bambi had said earlier, it was going to be a doozie!

The question on the growth of Bambi’s hooters was left unanswered as she pulled her top back down and show’s theme music started up again. As Bambi returned to her place the words ‘ROUND 1: MENTAL CHALLENGE’ appeared on the screen, the main part of the show was about to begin. Ten gorgeous, busty models walked out onto the stage, each in a difference fancy dress costume. There was a police woman, an Indian, a nurse, a woman in lingerie, a cowgirl, a sexy maid, a spacewoman, a nun in a particularly revealing outfit, Wonder woman and a Robin Hood style outlaw. All the costumes were skimpy, low cut and displayed plenty of curvy flesh.

“Hello ladies,” said Kent smoothly in greeting. “Please select the ten contestants for round one!” The ten models all curtsied gracefully towards Kent and then stroke purposefully towards the studio audience.

Joe trembled in excitement. The beautiful models would select ten men at random to take part in the first round, the general knowledge questions. The ten would then be eliminated down to three men for round two and then one man for round three.

Joe saw that the lucky old man who had already had Bambi sitting on his lap earlier on was now being selected my the sexy woman in lingerie to take part in the show, lucky bastard!

“Hey, they’re coming this way,” said the man beside Joe, nudging him excitedly. Joe looked to where the man was pointing and saw that two of the models, the maid and the outlaw were indeed heading up the stairs in their direction.

Joe looked down towards the front and saw that Wonder Woman was leading a rather young looking college guy towards one of the barber chairs where the contestants were seated, at this point most of the contestants had already been grabbed.

Suddenly Joe felt a soft hand take his. He looked up in surprise and saw that the buxom brunette in the maids costume had actually chosen him as a contestant. Holy shit! He was going to get the chance to compete in ‘XXXX’!! This was too good to be true! He couldn’t help but giggle nervously as the pretty maid led him down the stairs towards the stage. He eyed up her long, black-stockinged legs that were left bare by the super-short maid’s dress. He was almost mesmerized watching the seams that ran up the back of her long legs as she walked gracefully down the stairs.

“My name’s Holly, don’t be nervous, you’ll do great,” the lovely maid whispered reassuringly as she helped him into the barbers chair on the stage, she had obviously felt his hand trembling.

“I’m Joe,” he croaked in reply. He glanced to his left and saw that the spacewoman was helping a large fat man into the chair beside him, on his right the nun was standing beside a good looking man in an expensive suit, he looked like a lawyer or accountant or something, not the usual audience for ‘XXXX’.

Once all ten men were in position the music once again quieted and Kent Hamilton addressed the contestants and the audience. “Our ten lucky contestants have been chosen for the Mental Challenge by our lovely models. Ladies, please take your positions,” Kent instructed.

The ten dressed up models moved around in front of their chosen contestants and knelt on the padded cushions by their feet. Joe couldn’t help but stare into the open top of Holly’s dress were a considerable portion of her deep cleavage was visible from his angle.

“Bambi,” said Kent, turning to his lovely assistant. “Could you please explain the rules of the Mental Challenge to our viewers at home?”

“Sure Kent,” the buxom blonde replied. “Each contestant will be asked a general knowledge question and they have ten seconds to answer. The questions get progressively harder and as soon as they answer a question incorrectly or run out of time they are eliminated. This continues until we only have three contestants left for round two.”

“And that’s not all, is it Boobie..I mean Bambi?” Kent helpfully added.

Bambi ignored his faux pas, “That’s right Kent. To make it harder for our contestants to concentrate, while they are being asked the questions our lovely models will be giving them head. If they cum they are also eliminated.”

“Not that they’d care if they were eliminated, they just got their cocks sucked,” Kent chuckled. “I love this game,” he added. “Okay ladies, please get ready to begin.”

Joe swallowed nervously as Holly reached into his lap and unzipped his pants, she reached inside and pulled out his semi-erect penis, stroking it in her soft hand. Joe glanced along the line of contestants and saw that all the models now had a cock in their hands.

“On your marks!” called out Bambi. “Get set…Suck!” With that all ten beautiful models dipped their heads into their chosen contestants laps, sucking cocks into mouth eagerly.

Joe gave a groan as Holly’s warm mouth encircled the head of his penis and she began to suck heavily on him, her head immediately starting to bob over his lap. The studio was filled with the sounds of slurping as the model’s lapel mics picked up all the action.

“Right, contestant one,” Kent began, addressed the man at the start of the line who was having his cock sucked by the sexy cowgirl. “What is six times six?”

“Thirty six!” the man replied.

Kent moved to the second contestant, who was the older man who had been chosen by the model in lacy lingerie. “What is the capital of Australia?”

“I..ahh…oh yeah that’s it baby!” the man groaned as the lovely lingerie clad model sucked hungrily at his cock. “I umm..” he was obviously having trouble concentrating on anything other than the glorious blowjob he was receiving. “Ahhh..yesss!”

Suddenly the buzzer sounded. “Sorry contestant two, you’re times up!”

The man looked very disappointed as the pretty model lifted her head up from his painfully erect penis.

Kent moved onto the next man, who was on Joe’s right.

“Contest three,” Kent said as the nun slurped at the man’s cock. “How many meters in a kilometer?”

The man hesitated a moment, “A thousand,” he answered.

Kent then moved on to Joe, as he was about to ask Joe a question there was a loud groan from the other end of the line. Joe and Kent looked over to see the lovely policewoman jerking her contestant’s cock as it squirted cum all over her face.

“Contestant Ten has cum and is eliminated,” Bambi announced.

Kent laughed to himself and then turned back to Joe. “Contestant four, who is the female star of the movies Terminator and Terminator 2?”

Joe was breathing heavily, God Holly sucked a mean cock, and he could hardly hear himself think over her noisy slurping. He opened his mouth to answer and at that very moment Holly moved down on his cock, taking him right into her throat and burying her nose against his belly.

“Oh shit!” gasped Joe. “Linda Hamilton!” he managed to blurt out as Holly deep throated him. As Kent moved on to the next man, Joe looked down at Holly and saw her wink up at him mischievously. She had obviously deep throated him on purpose to try and put him off.

“Contestant Five,” said Kent addressing the fat man. “Which band recorded the song ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ in 1980?”

The fat man had both hands on the spacewoman’s head and was pushing her down on his cock, he was obviously enjoying his blowjob. “ACDC,” the man replied as he breathlessly fucked the model’s face.

“Contestant Six,” Kent moved to the man getting head from the sexy Indian model, her feathered headdress bobbing over his lap. “What is 65 divided by 5?”

The man squinted his face slightly and Joe saw his lips moving as he tried to work out the equation. Joe had always hated division and was glad it wasn’t his question. “Twelve?” the man blurted out doubtfully, just before the buzzer sounded.

“I’m sorry, the correct answer is thirteen,” Kent said. Suddenly the nun servicing the businessman beside Joe sat back on her heels and started coughing violently as the businessman sank back on the chair, grinning happily.

“Contestant Three has cum and is eliminated,” Bambi announced.

There were six left as Kent moved to the youngest of the men, the college student who was being done by Wonder Woman. “Contestant Seven, in which Country is the city Edinburgh?”

“Scotland,” he replied almost immediately.

“Contestant Eight,” Kent said to the man with the sexy nurse at his feet. “To the nearest megabyte how much information can a 3 and a half inch floppy disc hold?”

The man was obviously enjoying his blowjob and took a little while to answer, “Ahh 10?”

“Incorrect,” said Kent, moving onto the last person left on the line, a middle aged, bearded man who was with the outlaw model.

“Contestant Nine, Which movie trilogy was directed by New Zealander Peter Jackson?”

“The Godfather?” the man replied doubtfully.

“Incorrect, we’re down to the final four,” Kent told the audience over the slurping sounds coming from the kneeling models. “One more person to eliminate.”

“Oh fuck!” yelled out the first contestant as he exploded into the cowgirl’s mouth, holding her head to his groin as he filled her sucking mouth with his seed.

“And there we have it,” Kent said with a laugh. The ‘XXXX’ theme music once again started up and the three remaining models stopped sucking cock.

Holly smiled up at Joe as she stood up once again, but left his erect penis poking out from the front of his shorts. The lovely maid wiped her chin with her apron and then gently kissed Joe on the cheek. “Well done,” she whispered into his ear.

The words ‘ROUND 2: PHYSICAL CHALLENGE’ appeared on the screen as the losing contestants were lead back to their seats by the models.

“Welcome back folks,” Kent said to the camera, at home there would have been a commercial break playing as the losers returned to their places and the excess chairs were moved away. The three remaining contestants sat in their chairs, their erections still left poking from their pants and their respective models standing behind them. “Let’s meet our contestants for Round Two,” said Kent.

The camera zoomed in on Joe first, “Our first successful contestant is Joe Dingle, a parking enforcement officer from New York City.” There was a slight hiss from the audience as Joe’s job was announced and he couldn’t help but blush a little. The camera then moved on to the fat man beside Joe. “Next up we have Owen Banks, a music store owner from New Jersey,” said the voice of the announcer. “And last, but not least, is Scott Anderson a university student from Boston. Please give our luck contestants a big round of applause.”

The applause light came on and the three contestants were all cheered. It was time for Round Two.

“I see you’ve all got your pistol’s loaded for our first game,” Kent said with a laugh as the camera panned across the three contestants throbbing erections.

“Which is good ‘cause they’re gonna need ‘em!” Bambi added, stepping up beside Kent and running a hand across his chest, inside the lapel of his red jacket.

“That’s right Bambi,” agreed Kent. “The first game is going to test your range! For each foot you shoot you’ll get 20 points. Our record is 8 feet 5 inches.”

Bambi moved forward towards Joe who was first in the line, Joe swallowed as Bambi stroked her soft hand down across Joe’s chest right the way down till she grabbed hold of his cock. Joe gave a slight moan as the sexy co-host squeezed his cock and turned back towards Kent. “Now Kent, when you say shoot, do you mean with these guns?” she asked him, stroking Joe’s cock. If he hadn’t been sitting down Joe was sure he would have fainted in excitement.

“Exactly!” Kent said with a grin as Bambi gave Joe one more stroke and then she walked back to stand beside Kent. “Our lovely models will be assisting our contestants to load and fire their pistols, and Bambi, I think you should perhaps give these boys a little incentive to hit the record, don’t you?”

“Good idea Kent,” Bambi agreed.

With that the three models crouched down beside their chosen contestants and once again grabbed hold of their erect penises. Bambi stripped off her halter-top and mini-skirt, down to just a sexy pink g-string. The gorgeous co-host then stood on the 8 foot 5 inches record mark and started to caress her gorgeous body.

“Now gentlemen,” Kent addressed the three contestants as their models continued to warm them up. “If you manage to hit Bambi and set a new record you’ll get this wonderful bonus prize.”

On the screen in the center of the set a small video clip appeared showing a huge range of pornographic videotapes and a busty model strolling through the racks. The voice of the show’s announcer came over the load speaker. “A years supply of adult movies which will be ‘hand’ delivered by our lovely model Jane who’ll make sure you enjoy the first film.”

Joe was barely watching the tape, his attention was fixed on the near naked woman of his dreams. Bambi Buchanan stood less than nine feet away from him, stroking her glorious body, and he couldn’t believe she had actually touched his penis a few minutes earlier! Joe gave a soft moan and Holly increased the speed of her strokes on his cock.


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