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After School Aquatics (5 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

Sarah Stevens, the high school gym teacher for Westville High school, walked down the hallway of the school toward the principal’s office. She had proposed a new after-school program to the school board several weeks ago to begin an optional class for seniors in aquatics. Today was the day she would hear from the Principal about whether or not the program was approved.

Sarah was the youngest teacher at the school at 25 years old, and her curvaceous figure made her very popular among the students. The male students at least. She had a firm, fit body from working out frequently, and she was stacked with a set of gorgeous 36DD tits. Today her tits were underneath a tight sport tank top, and the whistle around her neck was nuzzled between them.

The gym teacher walked into the main office of the school and went through to the other side of the room, and knocked on the principal’s door, which was already open.

“Come in.” Principal Schwartz said, looking up from a few papers on her desk.

Sarah walked in and sat down in one of the chairs opposite the principal’s desk. Ms. Schwartz was the school’s beautiful, but extremely uptight principal. In the past, there had been bad blood between the gym teacher and the principal, but for now both of them had called a truce.

“I have good news, the school board approved your after school swimming program.” The principal told her.

Sarah smiled widely and clasped her hands together. “Oh, that’s fantastic!”

“Since there is no swimming pool at our school, you’ll have use of one of the school’s busses to transport the students up the road to the college campus. The university has agreed to let us use their facility for an hour every day.” The principal went on.

“Oh that’s great.” Sarah was very happy. “This is going to be such a valuable program to the school. So many students are poor swimmers, and aquatics have often been overlooked in the physical education curriculum.”

“Yeah well save me the lecture, we already approved it. You start two weeks from now.” The principal told her coldly.

“Fine.” Sarah said, crossing her arms. “Can I go?”

“Yes. Oh and don’t forget, send me a list of the students who enroll. I need it before the program starts.” The principal told her finally.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sarah taped up a piece of paper on the door of her office which was the sign-up sheet for the after school swimming program.

After two full weeks there were only three students who had signed up. Not surprisingly, they were all male as well.

She looked the list over: Eddie, Joe and Carl were the three students who had signed up. Each was a senior (18 of course), and none of them were really great students in her class either. Sarah took the list down to the Principal’s office, somewhat disappointed that there had been such a low turnout.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sarah Stevens and the bus with the students arrived at the college aquatics center the next day. She was rather surprised to find out there was only one locker room and one open shower room in the whole pool area. Apparently the college only had a men’s swim team and so there wasn’t any need for a women’s locker room too.

She let the students change in the locker room before her, and then she went in and changed into her swimsuit, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt over it.

Sarah stood at the edge of the pool; the three boys were lined up behind her.

“Ok, Welcome to the after school aquatics program.” She started. “I plan on teaching you several swimming techniques over the next couple weeks, including the front crawl, breast stroke, and butterfly.”

The three boys snickered a little as she mentioned the ‘breast stroke’.

The teacher first asked if each of the boys could swim, and it turned out they could, so she decided to first teach them the proper way to do the front crawl stroke. The boys got into the water and she instructed them to swim a lap down and back.

Sarah walked down along the side of the pool as Eddie, Joe and Carl swam down the length of the pool. She noticed Eddie was struggling a little and his technique was pretty poor.

“Eddie, you’re not doing it correctly.” She shouted to him, causing him to stop in the middle of the pool as the other two students swam down to the end. “You’re doing a doggy paddle. What you need to do is stretch your arms out over your head in front of you more.” She instructed him.

“Ok, I’ll try.” He replied.

Eddie continued swimming, but he was still basically doggy paddling down toward the other end.

“Eddie!” She yelled again, getting his attention. “You’re still doing it wrong. Stretch your arms! Like this.” She showed him in the air from the side of the pool.

By now Eddie was stopped in the shallow section and was standing on the floor of the pool, the water up to his neck. The other two students, Joe and Carl had finished and were down at the deep end of the pool.

“Actually it would really help if you got in and showed me, Miss Stevens.” Eddie told her, since he was pretty confused as to what she was trying to show him.

“Ummm… Well, alright.” She agreed after thinking about it for a moment.

Sarah stripped off her t-shirt, then stepped out of her sweat pants, revealing the very tiny, very bright string bikini she had on underneath. Eddie’s eyes almost popped out of his head as he looked at his busty teacher’s body.

The swimsuit she was wearing hardly covered her huge jugs. In fact, the little triangles of the top only covered her nipples, and he could see the entire curves of her large, bulging breasts. The little bottom only covered her most private area, and the thong back showed off the tight, firm cheeks of her ass.

Sarah dove into the water and popped up beside Eddie in the pool. Her long blonde hair was wet, matted to her head, and Eddie began wondering if her nipples were hard and poking through the little top of her bikini. His cock was getting hard, and so he tried not to think about it, but it was nearly impossible.

“Ok, watch me go down to the end and come back.” Sarah told him, standing beside him in the water.

She swam down a few feet to the end of the pool then turned around and came back to him. The water swirled around her body, and her legs and tight ass looked amazing as he watched her backside as she swam.

“Now you try.” She told him, standing on her tiptoes in the water.

“Ok.” He said.

Eddie tried his best to imitate what his teacher just showed him. He swam down to the end of the pool, then back all the way down to the other end, with his cock fully hard inside his swim trunks.

When he got down to the end, their gym teacher was already out of the pool and standing at the edge to meet him. Her wet hair was slicked back and water was dripping down her curves everywhere. Just as he had wondered, her big nipples were poking through the fabric of the little triangles of her bikini top.

The sight of his gorgeous teacher didn’t do a thing to help his raging hard-on that he had, and he hoped he didn’t have to get out of the water anytime soon. Carl and Joe were also openly staring at their gorgeous teacher.

“That was great, boys. Let’s try it again. Swim down and back once more.”

Joe, Carl and Eddie swam down the length of the pool again, and Sarah paced along the side of the pool, watching each one’s technique. When the three boys finished, they hung on the edge of the pool at the end.

“That was very good. Each of you is making good progress. Especially you, Eddie.” She said.

“Hey Miss Stevens, will you show us how to do it again?” Joe asked.

“Yes certainly. Pay attention to my arms as I swim, and you’ll see the proper way to do it.” She said, then dove into the pool.

As their teacher dove into the water, the three boys watched as her bikini top floated to the surface.

“Holy shit!” Carl whispered. “Her top came off!”

“Oh shit yeah!” Joe said in a quiet voice as their teacher came up from underwater.

“Ok boys, watch how I do it.” She said, obviously not aware that her top had come off completely.

Sarah swam down to the far end of the pool, then all the way back where the boys were holding onto the edge in the water.

“Did you get a good look?” She asked.

“Oh yes, that looked great!” Joe told her, and the other two boys fought hard not to snicker.

Their topless teacher swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out, gasping as she suddenly realized her top was missing. She clutched her hands over her bare breasts, covering her hard nipples.

“Oh my gosh!” she squealed. “Someone hand me my top!”

Eddie tossed the little bikini top to his teacher, who caught it, but still held her arms over her large breasts rather than fumbling with putting it back on. She was completely embarrassed.

“Alright class, it’s already past the hour and we were supposed to be out of here by now. Hit the showers!” She told them, as she now had her t-shirt in hand and was using that to cover her front.

“Shit, man. I can’t get out of the water. I have a boner!” Eddie whispered to Carl, who was right beside him.

“I know man, me too. Did you see her fucking jugs!?” Carl whispered back.

“Ok boys! Hit the shower! Come on, I told you once already.” Sarah told them sternly.

“Ummmm…. Miss Stevens, can’t we stay in the water a little longer?” Eddie asked. “It’s just so nice in here.” He tried his best to prevent the embarrassing moment of having his teacher see his stiff cock.

“No, I have to get you boys back to school in 15 minutes. Let’s move!” She told them again.

Eddie, Joe and Carl swam to the edge of the pool where the ladder was and climbed out. Each of them tried their best to hide their stiff boners, but it was impossible in a wet swimsuit.

Sarah’s jaw dropped as she watched her three students running to the shower with huge erections. She couldn’t believe it…. But then again, she definitely believed it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joe, Eddie and Carl were in the showers, taking their sweet time.

“Did you see when her top came off?” Joe asked the other two guys.

“I know, holy shit! I couldn’t believe my eyes!” Carl told him.

“It was great, I mean did you see the size of her fucking tits?” Eddie added.

Sarah was waiting impatiently outside the shower room. The guys were taking a really long time in the shower and they were going to be really late at this rate. She hadn’t even taken her shower yet, either!

“What’s taking so long in there?” She shouted into the room from outside in the pool area.

“Sorry! It shouldn’t be much longer!” Came one of their voices. She couldn’t tell who.

She still had yet to take her shower, and she considered just walking in since they were taking so long. She hesitated though, since it probably wouldn’t be proper to shower with her students. Although they did just see her topless anyway. So what was the big deal?

“I’m coming in!” She shouted, then stepped inside the shower room.

Sarah walked in to find the three guys naked, staring at her. Their cocks were still hard. She averted her eyes, but it was difficult to take her gaze off their rock hard dicks. It actually made her excited to know that she turned them on so easily.

“I’m going to shower in here with you guys since you’re taking so damn long.” She told them.

“Um… yeah that’s ok.” Carl said in disbelief.

The three guys were looking at each other in wide eyed surprise, but soon their eyes went back to their teacher as she began stripping off her swimsuit as she turned on her shower.

The warm water cascaded over Sarah’s body as she removed her top (again), and then started pulling down her bottom piece. She bent over as she pulled down the bottom of the bikini, and Eddie leaned over, taking a peek at her pussy as she pulled the bikini down to her ankles and stepped out. Her pussy was shaved completely bald. No wonder she didn’t have any bikini line.

Sarah stood up and let the water shower down over her body everywhere. She turned around, letting the warm water shower onto her back. As she turned around, she saw each of the three boys staring at her.

“What are you guys looking at?” She snapped.

“Oh, sorry.” “My bad.” “Nothing!” They all quickly stammered, and turned around to hide their stiff cocks.

Sarah couldn’t help but think about how good the guys looked, especially with their well-endowed cocks in full erection, and she realized just how long it had been since she had been laid herself. But she was determined to maintain composure and decency.

She picked up the bar of soap on the shower rack and began lathering up her body. She started with her upper body: soaping up her arms, neck, and then her large tits. The suds dripped down over her jugs and down her flat tummy. She turned her head to the side a moment to peek at the guys and she noticed Carl staring at her.

Carl had his hand wrapped around his cock and was pumping up and down while he stared at her.

“Carl! Are you jerking off!?” She shouted at him.

“No! No. I’m not…. I’m uhh… washing my penis.” He said to her.

“Oh.” She paused a long moment. “Ok then.”

The voluptuous gym teacher turned to look at the other guys and she realized they seemed to be washing their penises as well.

She stood in the corner of the shower room. Joe and Eddie were across from her and Carl to her right. Each of the boys was vigorously pumping up and down their cocks, “washing” themselves. It was a lie, of course, and she saw right through it. But she saw this as a perfect opportunity to “wash” herself too, since this had gotten her really worked up.

Sarah brought the bar of soap down between her thighs, and gently rubbed it over the folds of her pussy lips. She nuzzled the bar up against her mound and gently rubbed it back and forth.

“Ohhhhh man.” She heard one of the boys say quietly.

The stacked gym teacher reached down with her other hand and now gently rubbed her fingers along her slit. The guys were staring at her openly, while “washing” their cocks faster and faster now.

The bar of soap dropped from her hand and she brought her fingers to her clit, gently rubbing it, while she used her other hand to finger herself. Sarah leaned her back against the wall and closed her eyes as she touched herself in front of the guys.

The three guys were jerking off in disbelief as they watched their teacher rub her pussy with both hands. They wondered if she was maybe masturbating too, or if she was just washing her pussy for real. Either way, it didn’t matter to them. Miss Stevens was leaned up against the wall, the water from the shower raining down and pouring over her big, bulging tits while her hands rubbed between her thighs. It was just too much.

Eddie shot his load first. His cock erupted, firing blasts of cum out across the shower. His sperm landed just short of Miss Stevens, and was quickly washed down the drain.

Joe exploded too, spurting shot after shot of jizz out across the room. His blasts of cum missed Miss Stevens too, luckily.

Miss Stevens started moaning deeply as she was rubbing herself and suddenly she was writhing against the wall saying “Oh God yes... Oh god… mmmmmm!”

Carl watched his teacher in the process of orgasming and it was just too much for him too. His cock squirted with sperm powerfully. Shot after shot of his load squirted forth, and he was so close to Miss Stevens that his jizz landed right on across thigh.

Sarah had her eyes closed as she just finished cumming, and she felt something squirt across her thigh. But when she opened her eyes, Carl’s cum had already been washed away and was being swept into the drain.

She wondered if the guys had cum too. She certainly had. They were now turning their backs to her again, and looked to be cleaning up in earnest now.

They were very late getting back to school.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So you came? Right there in front of all of them?” asked Cindy Brown, Sarah’s good friend.

Cindy was the school’s nurse, and Sarah’s best friend in the school. She was also her confidant. She always let Cindy know about anything and everything sexual in her life. And there were more than one occasion where the two of them had shared experiences together.

“Yeah!” Sarah told her. “It was so wild. I don’t know if they knew what I was doing. I don’t know if they came too. I had my eyes closed.”

“I bet they did!” The school nurse smiled.

“They did what? They knew what I was doing, or that they came?”

“Probably both.”

The school nurse was just as sexy as her friend Sarah. Cindy had a very similar body, although her hair was dark and her skin was tan. But the two of them both shared the characteristic of having very large breasts.

Cindy enjoyed showing her body off much more than, Sarah though. In fact, the nurse often wore a tight fitting, white uniform which caused her breasts to swell up out of her top.

“I wanted to fuck them so bad, Cindy.” Sarah whispered to her.

“I probably would have.” Her friend replied.

“I’ve done things like that in the past, and well, I’m just trying to change. Trying to be more professional, ya know?” Sarah told her.

“Oh forget it. You said yourself you haven’t gotten laid in a while. If I were you I’d fuck all three of those young studs.” Cindy said to her.

“Do you think I should, really?” She said pensively.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day at swimming, Sarah was showing the boys how to do the breast stroke. She swam down and back in the pool, showing them how to do the correct kick with their legs and pull with their arms.

When she finished, she got out of the pool. The guys were sitting on the edge of the pool, and she could tell they were getting hard again. She was wearing the same bikini again today.

“Ok, now you try.” She told them. They got into the water quickly, probably to hide their erections.

The students swam down the pool and Sarah walked along the edge of the pool beside them, watching their technique.

When the class was over, the guys got out of the pool, trying to hide their boners again as they rushed to the shower. This time, Sarah followed in right behind them.

“Oh! Miss Stevens…” Joe said, surprised that his teacher was planning to shower with them again.

“Yes? You don’t mind if I shower with you again, do you guys? This will save so much more time.” She said, smiling.

“Uhh, no, we don’t mind at all.” Eddie said to her.

Eddie watched, his cock making a tent in his swimsuit, as his teacher stripped off her bikini top and turned the nearby shower on. She arched her back as she removed her top, pushing her big, bulging tits out. The water began showering down onto her body, and she looked even more amazing when she was completely wet.

Eddie and the rest of the boys took their swimsuits off next, and stood their under each of their showers, with stiff dicks pointing out. Sarah pulled her bottom part of the bikini down next. She bent way over, letting the guys see her swollen pussy lips as she pulled the little g-string all the way down to her ankles.

“Oh God…” Joe groaned as he watched his teacher’s pussy, with the water running down over it from the shower. He began soaping up his cock, jerking off slowly as his eyes gazed over every inch of her body.

Sarah stood upright again and let the shower water cascade all over her body before she began soaping herself up. Next she turned around, soap dripping off her curves, and looked at all three of her students. They were unbashfully stroking their dicks and staring at her body.

Eddie was the closest one to her, so she turned to him and said: “Eddie, come here, I want to show you something.”

He released his hand from his stiff cock and walked to her. “What is it?”

“This…” She said, taking his hand in hers. She lifted his hand up to her breast and placed it on her tit. “I call this a different version of the breast stroke. Try it… just stroke.”

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