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Cancun Vacation Rape (5 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

It was the first nice vacation Toni Thompson and her husband Don had taken since they were married almost 20 years ago. Don had a business conference in Cancun, and he was able to take Toni and their two teenage sons with them. Don would have to work for part of it, but would have three days at the end to spend with the family.

As they checked into the hotel, Toni noticed all the young people milling around the lobby. When she inquired at the desk, she was told it was the last week of spring break for the colleges and it had been a wild one. The desk clerk told her that they had had a few problems, and that if she encountered any, to alert the front desk. Toni said she would.

The resort was lovely. After they checked in, Don said he would have to check in at the conference. Toni got the boys settled in and decided to take them to the beach. On the way there, she passed many young college students partying. She wondered if their parents knew what they were up to. A few were so drunk they could barely stand.

Once at the beach, she spread out their blanket and their things. The kids ran down to the beach and Toni began to relax and read a book. It was quiet and peaceful. It was what she had been looking forward to since she arrived.

Her peace was suddenly broken up by a loud group of college students coming down to the beach. They were carrying blankets, towels, boom boxes, and coolers. They set up near Toni and began to party. The music was loud as were the students. She decided to move.

As she packed up her things, one of the male students shouted over, "Hey pretty lady. Don't leave on our account!" And then he laughed. Toni thought about saying something, but felt it was better if she just moved. She heard then mutter some other things. Things that she was sure were unkind, but she kept going.

That night she told her husband about the beach. He told her that they were just young people blowing off steam and to let them be. But their rudeness irritated Toni.

Her and her family had a nice dinner and then went for a walk along the beach. Things were going well until they came upon a bunch of students partying. They were loud and obnoxious. They were drinking and it looked like they were smoking marijuana. The family turned and went back to their hotel.

That night Toni complained to the hotel manager about the students. She told them that they were loud. They were drinking and doing drugs, and upsetting her family. She had had enough of their terrible behavior. The manager promised to look into it.

That night everyone slept peacefully until around 4 AM. Toni was awakened by loud music and noises coming from the room next door. She let it go for a while, but could not get back to sleep. She looked over at Don and her kids who were sleeping peacefully and got upset.

Toni went into the other room of their suite and picked up the phone. She called the front desk and complained about the noise. She sat up and read waiting for the sound to die down from the next room.

Suddenly Toni heard a loud commotion out in the hallway. She peeked out the door and saw someone from hotel security was arguing with one of the students. Suddenly another student appeared and invited them inside. The music went down slightly and then Toni heard more talking out in the hallway.

As she peeked out, she saw the second student talking with the security men and handing them something. As the young man turned, he saw Toni looking out her door. She quickly shut it hoping she wasn't noticed.

But she was.

About 30 minutes later, Toni felt like lying down again. Just them the music and noise got very loud again. Toni was angry and called the desk again. She demanded something be done.

A few minutes later, she heard loud noises in the hallway. She listened for a bit and decided she'd take another look, as it was getting quite loud out there.

She looked out to see several young people being taken away in handcuffs. One by one they were taken away. The last one to go seemed to be their leader. He looked at Toni and sneered as he was taken away. His look scared Toni.

"Bitch, you'll pay for this." He was thinking.

The rest of the night was quiet and Toni finally was able to sleep.

The next day at the beach she was reading quietly when the same group of students came down. They spread out their blankets and turned on their music very loud. Toni was surprised to see them. She thought they would still be in jail. She was ready to move, when the young man she had seen in the hallway told them to keep the music down.

He smiled and walked over to Toni and said. "I'm real sorry about last night. We're just down here having fun. Sorry is we caused any problems for you and your family. My name is Gary."

Toni looked at the young man and smiled. "That's OK. I'm Toni." She said.

"Well again. I'm sorry we got too loud last night. It won't happen again. I promise." He said as he walked back to his group.

Toni sat and read while her sons played in the surf. The sun was hot and she found herself getting thirsty. She got up and was going to walk to the bar for a Diet Coke, when Gary asked her where she was going. She said for a Diet Coke. Gary told her not to bother, she could have one of theirs. He quickly poured some into a glass and offered it to her.

"Maybe he's not as bad as I thought." She thought and she took the drink from him. Gary sat down and talked with her. He told her he was from California where he went to UCLA studying medicine. They shared some small talk about where she was from and how she had ended up vacationing in Cancun.

Gary was being nice. He was being so nice, he filled her drink several times while they talked. Each one with a nice dose of GHB in them.

Toni began to feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded. Gary kept talking and noticed the 38 year old mother and housewife begin to slur her words a bit and struggle to focus her eyes. He knew she was about ready for what he had planned.

Toni began to blink her eyes and shake her head. What was wrong with her? She thought. Gary kept looking at her and smiling, just waiting until the proper time.

Toni stood up and almost fell down. Gary grabbed her and steadied her.

"Sorry. I'm not feeling well all of a sudden." She said slowly.

Gary held her up.

"I bet it's the sun and maybe a bit of Montezuma's revenge. You just need to walk a bit." He said

Toni felt herself being led down the beach. For a second she was concerned about her kids, but Gary told her his friends would keep an eye on them and that they were just going for a short walk. She felt so dizzy and lightheaded, she was barely aware of where she was going, back to the resort.

Toni felt woozier and woozier as they walked. She could barely walk and talk now. Gary told her she'd better go to her room and lay down. She mumbled something as Gary pressed the button on the elevator and went up to their floor. Toni was so out of it, she did not even notice she was going into Gary's room, not hers.

He took out his key and opened the door. He led the housewife to the bedroom of his suite and laid her down on the bed. She suddenly felt ill and got up and ran into the bathroom. Gary waited outside the door listening her throw up and smiled. He knew it was a side effect of the drug he had given her, and that she would pass out soon.

Gary waited several minutes until he could no longer hear Toni throwing up. He knocked on the door and called out her name. He heard nothing. He quietly opened the door and found her curled up on the floor passed out. He picked her up and carried her back to the bed. He looked at her curled up and helpless.

"Payback time bitch. Ruin my fucking party and you'll pay." He thought to himself. “I had to spend the fucking night in jail thanks to you.”

Gary quickly left the bedroom and returned with his video camera. He wanted every second of this caught on screen. It might be fun to use it later he thought. He set the camera up on the tripod, aimed it at the helpless housewife and turned it on.

First he panned up and down her body. Then he aimed it at her so he could catch all the action. He quickly removed his suit and lay down next to the passed out housewife. He slowly pulled down the straps of her one-piece bathing suit and slowly pulled it down her body and rolled her easily onto her back.

He began to run his hands over her naked body. She was not bad for an old bitch, he thought. He kissed and sucked her nipples and felt them grow hard in his mouth. He took his hand and slid it down to her pussy. It was dry, so he spit on his hand and then began to massage the outside of Toni's pussy while he sucked on her nipples.

Toni was out of it and not aware of what was happening to her. She moaned softly and moved her head to the side as Gary kept playing with her body, keeping her eyes closed.

Gary kept wetting his fingers and rubbing it all over Toni's pussy. Then he'd slowly finger fuck her and then rub her clit softly while he sucked on her hardening nipples. He began to feel her get wetter and slowly move involuntarily against his fingers. He also heard her breath coming shorter and soft moans escaping her lips. The old bitch was getting turned on!

Gary kept this up until Toni's pussy was wet, warm, and ready to fuck. He sat up and moved between her legs. He spread them slightly and lifted them. He took his hard young cock and began to rub it up and down Toni's now very wet and hot pussy. He then put it at her moist opening and pushed it slowly in.

"Damn, she's tight. Her husband must have a fucking needle for a cock." Thought Gary as he slowly pushed himself deeper and deeper into the helpless housewife.

Toni began to moan and move her head slowly from side to side. Gary kept fucking her slowly, pushing more and more of his young hard cock into her. He looked and smiled into the camera as he fucked Toni slowly.

Inch by inch he pushed himself further into her married pussy until he was buried. He began to pull out almost all the way and then slowly push himself back in. He did it slowly at first, and then began to go faster and harder.

Toni's body responded by softly fucking back against him. Gary leaned over and began to suck on Toni's nipples as he fucked her. He noticed her breathing and moaning deeper as he did. That pushed him on to fuck her harder.

He felt it building and he knew he was close to release. He lifted Toni's legs and began to slam his cock hard into her. He looked at her face and saw she was struggling to open her eyes. And when she did, they looked glassy and distant. Her mouth was now open forming an O as Gary approached orgasm.

Gary groaned as he shot off deeply into the helpless housewife. Toni's eyes flew open and rolled back into her head as Gary filled her pussy with cum. He felt her pussy flutter slightly as he pushed deep. He pumped until he softened.

Gary got off of the housewife and got behind the camera. He zoomed in on Toni's body, panning it from head to toe. The he focused in on her pussy. It was red and swollen and Gary's cum was leaking out of it.

He pulled back and went to his dresser and pulled out a small vibrator. He lay next to Toni and turned it on. He began to softly rub it around the outside of Toni's pussy. Her body began to react slowly.

He took his fingers and spread her open and rubbed the vibrator up and down the entire length of her pussy. Then he began to focus on just her clit. Toni began to moan and softly move against the vibrator.

Gary kept playing and playing with the housewife. He was enjoying it so much; his cock began to grow hard again. He moved between Toni's legs again and began to rub her clit softly with the vibrator. He placed his hard young cock at her opening and slowly pushed it in. Her pussy was as hot and wet as any he'd ever felt.

He fucked Toni slowly while keeping pressure on her clit with the vibrator. She began to hump back against him and moan softly while she turned her head from side to side. Gary began to fuck her a bit harder while he pushed the vibrator right onto her clit.

Toni's reaction was immediate. She began to moan and thrust back against Gary with and increasing urgency. Gary kept the pressure up and kept looking down at the helpless housewife.

"I'm going to make you cum cunt." He whispered softly as he watched her body react.

Toni began to moan deeper and deeper as he body thrashed around on the bed. Her eyes opened several times, but she seemed not to be able to grasp what was happening, and she closed them again as he body seemed to be on auto-pilot.

Suddenly Toni's body began to shake and he moans became deeper and more intense. She was cumming. Gary kept fucking her and playing with her clit while her whole body shuddered and she moaned loudly as she orgasmed. Gary kept pumping into her as he watched her body spasm out of control.

"Damn, this is one hot bitch." He thought.

Toni's body relaxed and Gary withdrew the vibrator. He pulled out of Toni and grabbed some pillows. He rolled the housewife onto her stomach and onto the pillows. He had her facing the camera as he got behind her.

He grabbed his cock and shoved it back into Toni's pussy. He began to fuck her hard and deep. Toni began to grunt and moan as Gary fucked her pussy with hard deep strokes.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to face the camera. Her eyes were open, but glassy. Her mouth was open as she moaned and grunted on every stroke of Gary's young hard cock. Gary began to talk to her as he fucked her hard dog style.

"Damn baby, your cunts on fire. You like the fucking I'm giving you?" He asked.

Toni just moaned into the camera.

"Your old man's working and you're in my room getting your married pussy fucked. You loving this bitch?" He asked.

Toni just looked at the camera and moaned.

"I'm about to cum in your married pussy. You want it slut?" He demanded.

Gary grabbed Toni's hair and pulled it. She looked like she was shaking her head as she moaned deeply. Her eyes were now fully open and her mouth formed an O as she grunted and moaned on every stroke of Gary's cock.

"Here it comes cunt!" Yelled Gary as he slammed deep into her pussy. Toni's eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned deeply as Gary pumped his cum deep into her. Her body shook as another orgasm hit her body.

Gary pumped until he had no more cum left. He pulled out and looked down at the housewife. He got up and grabbed the camera and panned her body again. He moved close up to her pussy and showed the swollen wet lips, the cum now oozing out of her opening.

He rolled over and moved down by her face. Her eyes were closed again as he rubbed his wet sticky cock all over her face. He pried her lips open and stuck his cock in.

"Clean me bitch." He told her.

Toni began to suck and lick his cock slowly.

"Man, I need a shower." He thought. Gary got up and removed the tape and put the camera away. He left the housewife naked on his bed, cum oozing out of her pussy. He quickly showered and came back to the bedroom.

Toni was curled up on the bed clutching a pillow. He turned her over and began to lightly slap her face. She began to open her eyes. She was groggy but coming around. She kept shaking her head as she began to become aware of where she was.

Suddenly she grasped the pillow close to her. She was naked and with that boy!

She screamed and pushed him away as she struggled to her feet.

"What is going on here?" She demanded.

"What's the problem babe?" Asked Gary.

"What am I doing here? Where is my suit?" She asked holding onto the pillow in front of her.

"Your suit is over there." Said Gary pointing at the chair. "And what you are doing is giving me some of the best loving I've ever had. C'mon baby, let's do it again."

Toni was in shock. She still felt dizzy and disoriented.

"No. No. No. There is something wrong here" She stammered.

But she was naked. And she could feel something between her legs. She knew something had happened. She pushed past Gary, grabbed her suit, and ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

She looked into the mirror and thought. "What's going on here?"

She tried to remember what had happened before and she could not. She reached down and felt between her legs. It was oozing cum. She had had sex! She sat down on the toilet and tried to collect her thoughts.

Gary outside the room was laughing to himself.

Toni began to cry. She got up and started the water and got into the shower. She tried to wipe out what she was thinking. She washed and scrubbed her body, but could not wash away the thoughts. She had cheated on her husband. She'd been intimate with this young man and she had no memory of it. But she knew it had happened.

She quickly dried herself off and put on her suit. She opened the door and saw Gary laying on the bed grinning. She tried to walk past him, but he got up and blocked the door.

"Just let me leave. I don't know what happened. But I'm married. I've got kids. I'm leaving and I never want to see you again." She said to him.

"Aw babe, I thought we were going to be friends." He said smiling.

"Please just let me leave." She pleaded.

Gary moved to the side and let Toni leave. He wanted time to make a copy of the tape anyway, with some editing of course.

"Stupid bitch should have never fucked with me." Thought Gary as he watched Toni leave. He'd see her again.

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