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Her feminine ankles matched her wrists, bound in coarse rope, harsh against her skin. As the soldier carried her delicate body, the tight ropes twisted; rubbing her flesh and creating sores with every movement. It might have been painful, had she been conscious to feel it.

Sunk into the soldiers broad arms like a child being carried, her braid of smooth russet hair nearly scraped at the cold stone floor beneath them, her feminine helmet of armor still in tact on her head, where a thin line of dried blood seeped from her hairline onto her soft face. Her peach plump lips parted slightly, taking in small breaths below the thin curve of her nose. Her olive eyes were closed ever so lightly, in her sound and forced sleep. Her long boots had already been stripped from her small bare feet, and the sleeve of her dark leather top had been cut at the shoulder, leaving her neckline slightly visible under the thin metal weaves of chain that vested around her top, and in another layer wrapped around the waist of her dark pants like a skirt.

Another soldier waited alongside opened doors down the corridor of this dark, cold, stone castle. He stared at the unconscious girl with a small smile before they proceeded in, where a third man looked over opened scrolls, placed over the cold table surrounded by dancing torchlight. He did not look like a soldier, wearing soft silk robes over his long body, clinging to his undulated torso, hugging the tone of his muscle. His hair was dark to his shoulders, curving around his strong handsome face, where he hid part of himself under a small mask that only covered the left potion of his face, curving to leave his nose and chin visible, and under the thin but tight fitting mask there was a dark cloth patch over his left eye, completely aligned with the dark right eye on the other side of his face.

"Lord Talos." One of the guards addressed him, causing him to silently look up.

Talos's cold stare rested on the girl, and his eyes grew with anxiety and excitement, in a way that made it seem he was surprised by her sudden appearance as he rose to his feet. He had been waiting for her, this girl.

Talos pushed some of his scrolls aside and motioned for the soldiers to place her on the stone table, and he looked over her cautiously as the soldiers stepped aside, but then Talos too, suddenly stepped back away from her, as if he felt even unconscious, she was unapproachable.

"Remove her armor." Talos ordered.

The soldiers quickly complied, unhooking the chain that surrounded her body and the helmet protecting her already injured delicate head.

"How did you manage this?" Talos asked excitedly as he went back to her, running his hand over the tight lumps within her shirt that were her breasts.

"We ambushed her party while they were on their way to Isinflo castle." One of the soldiers explained proudly, "When we discovered she was among them, we knew you would want her." "You've done well." Talos replied, "collect your reward from Lady Mara."

"Thank you Lord Talos." One of the soldiers said happily.

Talos stared down at the girl as he listened to the sounds of the guards exiting. Excitement filled him as he looked over his quarry with cold eyes, she looked so helpless now, without her armor, but he knew better, she was not helpless, he would have to be careful with her, he would have to ensure she stay helpless.

He leaned over her face and felt her soft breathing against his chin, taking in her aroma, even through the faint scent of blood she smelled sweet and alluring, and as he came up he tapped her face with firm strikes of his palm, wanting to wake her now, wanting her to know where she was, but much to his chagrin, she lay still, without flinching once.

But Talos was not deterred by her lack of movement, he had been waiting for this, for a long time, and he swore he would enjoy every moment he had to torment his newest prisoner. He withdrew a sharp blade, hanging off the wall near many others, and he ran the sharp end over the lines of her clothing, wondering where he wanted to start. Noticing the tear in her shirt he found it just as good as any place, and with ease and care he cut her shirt from her body, watching in amusement as he revealed her round breasts and pointed nipples that had been hiding, tucked tightly away in the tight leather, so tightly it almost appeared she didn't possess such wonderful breasts, and now he wondered just how she was able to breath as he took one firmly into his head and felt the gentle weight of it, rolling her perky nipple in his fingers, delighted at how it became a hard ball against his touch. She would like his touch, and if she didn't, she would tolerate it, this he was certain of.

He moved on to remove the scraps of her top completely, and raised her already bound hands over her head, wanting to see the slant of her ribs against her thin waist and stretch of her breasts. He ran his hands over her chest again, and touched her neck, looking for a response in her, but other than the stiffened peaks of her peach nipples there was little sign that she was coherent, even in her unconscious mind.

Talos carefully cut her pants away, beginning with her leggings, revealing the slender length of her feminine form, and then the narrow curve of her hips, and when he found the soft place between her thighs and found it smooth, with the small patch of hair stripped from it, a slight laughter escaped him and he felt a throbbing in his groin, aroused by the discovery. He had heard of women who wore the breasts of their cunt so smooth but he had never actually encountered one.

"You vixen." He remarked, deciding to cut the ropes from her ankles, the sensations moving through his own body daring him to spread her legs, and he did, just enough to see the lips of her smooth pussy, still closed before him, but a simple touch of his thumb parted the pink swells, and from there he wanted more.

His hands began to wander her smooth flesh hungrily, other than the abrasion within her hairline she seemed so entirely perfect and unscarred, could this really be the dangerous woman he had been waiting for? It didn't seem to matter now, not while he was moving his strong tongue over the crevice of her rounded, inward belly button, working his way over her breasts, making her nipples even tighter as he tasted and took in the sweet ways of her skin. He ran his tongue over her neck and rested his mouth over hers, forcing her lips apart and pushing his tongue deep within her waiting mouth.

Talos felt her take in a deep breath through her nose and felt her chest heave against his hand. Was she waking up? He certainly hoped so. He pulled his face from hers and watched intently, but she still showed no sign of waking even with the troubled crease developing in her perfect brow. He began to touch her hair, running his hand through it, loosening the long braid and removing the tie that held it, and as he did this, his free hand instinctively stretched the length of her body, his fingers tickling her inner thighs, her legs still open for him. He traced his fingers over the soft openings of her center, opening her more, moving his hand down the center of her swelling lips, waiting for that pleasant moisture he desired to bathe his wandering fingers in.

He felt her hips move ever so slightly on his hand, her body knowing his touch even as she did not. He moved the hand from her hair and then over her breasts, wanting them to swell with passion, her nipples to tighten until they ached, and while he waited he pressed his mouth over hers again, forcing in his deep kiss, massaging her tongue that lightly reacted under the pressure.

Her body jolted somewhat when he forced one finger into her moistening pussy, exploring the chamber within her, he studied her face again, and she was more expressive now, as if lost in a deep dream. Soon he would make her dream of him, and he hoped they might be terrible dreams.

A second finger slipped through the tight gap, oh how very deliciously tight she was, and the ever growing liquid cream surrounded his finger, urging him to force a second finger through, and he did, exploring her more widely, opening her to his touch until... yet another discovery, a barrier, just hidden within her chamber, a barrier not yet broken. His dangerous little vixen was a virgin! The excitement overwhelmed him and he forced himself to ease away from her boundary, refusing to break it with his hand, and he fought the urge to remove his throbbing erection from the soft silk it moved against for the sole purpose of shoving it through her barrier and riding her like a rabid stallion.

His excitement was overwhelming, he thought of calling upon one of the many willing women within his fortress to relieve him, save the prize before him for later, savoring her, but he quickly found his desire was unmanageable, and as he continued to touch the moistening place between her thighs, controlling himself from pushing forward. A small moan escaped her. The sound brought him to reach under his wide, loosely fitting pants, exposing his own throbbing organ.

He excitedly moved onto the table, looming over her as he continued to touch her growing dampness, she was wet now, he wanted her body to feel the pleasure he could bring. He pressed his aching erection carefully between the lips of her center, letting her juices coat the hot muscle he so terribly wished to relieve. He ran the head between the open fold of her pussy, continuously using his fingers, wanting to open her. His body shook in fits as he controlled himself, and for a moment he feared his own body would turn itself against him, defying his wishes, just the same as he imagined his young captive's body was responding now. Talos kissed her again, attempting to relive some of the mounding tension as the weight of his strong erection pressed further against her opening hole.

He used both hands now to hold her breasts, squeezing them tightly as her body began to shift beneath him, he watched her face intently as he slid his organ against her, more and more, waiting for any sign that she would awaken, how wonderful it would be if she were to regain consciousness now, he imagined the look on her delicate face, if she were to open her eyes just in time to feel him push inside of her, filling her, to a place no one has ever reached. The excitement of his thoughts ran over him as he squeezed her breasts even tighter, becoming lost in the feeling in the peaks of her nipples hard between his fingers, and he was lost in his own pleasures, exploring this creature.

When her body arched again, the liquid cream flowing from her, over his erection in a magnificent way, he was entirely taken off guard over the excitement and without hesitation the sensitive head of his noble organ slipped inside her, luckily he thought, not to far, but the new sensation of her chasm tightly holding him there, was tantalizing. He refused to remove from his newfound comfort, edging the head in and out so smoothly, feeling the gracefully tight space. She moaned beneath him as he suddenly ejaculated, barely within her walls, her own body responding, reaching another soft climax.

He found it so desirable the way her body had welcomed him, so perfect he thought, and he watched her, holding her tightly as he felt the shift in her hips against him, following the soft moan. He watched her bright eyes pierce him as they snapped open under the sensations of her body and the weight of his, and he watched as her pupils dilated momentarily before her eyes rolled back and she had consciously left him again.

It didn't matter. She had looked upon him, he decided she knew where she was, and he hoped her dark dreams would torment her as she thought of all the things he was capable of doing to her. Her naked body his to use how he wanted, when he wanted. He wondered if she would understand, why he wanted to torment her so, of course she would; it would be unacceptable if she didn't remember him. The way he had thought of her, for long years now, she must remember him.

It was not difficult for Talos to know this was his prize; this girl was his prize for waiting so long. He had burned the image of her face into his memory, her beautiful face, and now that she was older and her fine features had matured it gave him so many filthy ideas. A year before he might have taken her life quickly, but now he fully appreciated himself for deciding to keep her for a while. Even in her forced sleep from the blow to her head he could still smell her scent, her sweet scent that told him she was already his, in any form he pleased, and he lusted after the idea of training her, making her know she had no choice, her body would never allow her defiance and neither would he.

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