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The Taming of the Shrew Ch. 01 (6 favorites) - new Top 250 story -

Notes: Obviously, this is different from my usual. I wouldn't recommend reading it if this is not the sort of thing you're interested in. I will say that this leans more towards the "reluctance" part of the category.

Chapter One: Capture

The room was dark, making it easy to see the blaze of orange light from the window across the way. Within that room was the reason he hadn't left home yet. Oh, sure, he'd told his mom he stayed to take care of her, and that wasn't completely a lie. Yet his mother didn't really need his help, and once he had a reason to leave, he would. He couldn't let his prize get away from him.

She appeared in the window, her back turned to him, completely unaware of eyes watching her. Why should she think anyone was watching her? Madison Lowell was a quiet, studious young woman who spent most of her spare time up to her elbows in textbooks and notes. She wore a pair of glasses with hideous black frames, although she never seemed to realize how terrible they were. Her hair was always pulled back into a tight knot at the back of her head. She wore heavy, prudish clothing and kept her chin high; never seeming to notice the looks people gave her.

Madison was a snob. She was intelligent and quick-witted, and she thought herself better than others. Oh, she never came right out and said it, but he'd known her for years. He understood what the wrinkling of her freckle-dusted, upturned nose meant. He could tell exactly what was going on behind those big brown eyes.

They'd lived next-door to one another for years. When they'd been little they'd been close friends, completely inseparable. She'd followed him around like a puppy, always willing to go along with any of his adventures as long as it pleased him. When they'd gone into middle school, though, things had changed. He had been popular. Madison had been as she was now: quiet and alone. She'd tried for a long time to draw him back, tried so hard to please him so he would look her way again.

And then they'd gone to high school, and she'd given up. At first he'd hardly noticed. Shallow, stupid, pig-headed, he couldn't deny he was all of those things. No other girl seemed to really satisfy them. None of them ever looked at him the way she had. What he'd really wanted was Madison's willingness to please. Something he knew, from watching, had faded over the years, changing into stubbornness. It would take a specially crafted scheme to make her his again.

He watched, unable to pull his eyes away, as she set her glasses down on the night table. She always wore contacts at home, for some reason. Madison shook her hair out, letting it fall free around her shoulders. It was that fiery red hair that made guys wonder what they'd find beneath her quiet exterior. His mouth went dry as she began to undress. She thought he wasn't home, and wouldn't have suspected him of watching even if he had been home. Madison didn't know that he watched her whenever he could.

She was beautiful. Slender, yes, diminutive but not short. She had to be at least five foot six, taller than most of the girls he knew. Everything about her had a look of delicateness: her long, slender fingers, her high cheekbones and pixie-ishly pointed face, her small, dainty feet. Except for her legs; Madison had long, strong legs, legs that would have had every guy staring if she ever wore a short skirt.

There was nothing of convention about her beauty. Most would say her face was no more than average, but there was a lot of character and personality there, if one knew what to look for. When she laughed or smiled, it lit up her whole face. When she was sad, it showed in every line of her face.

Perhaps this was obsession. He'd never thought about it before. He wasn't like those crazies on T.V. shows, who decided they'd kill the woman of their obsession if they couldn't have her. What he wanted, ah, so many things. He'd always been attracted to the life and passion that overflowed from her when she didn't realize, and most certainly he wanted that for himself. But Madison could use a lesson in humility, too. She'd given him one, months ago. Now, with her parents off on their second honeymoon, now was the time to return the favor.


Madison dropped down onto the couch with a groan. She knew she had homework to get to, but for the moment she didn't want to. It had been another long, tiring, stressful day. Her only pleasure was that her parents were off on their second honeymoon, giving her run of the house for a whole month. Which wouldn't be a problem at all, Madison thought, if I could find the time to move out. She studied hard and generally by the end of the week, the thought of finding an apartment made her want to scream.

Today had certainly been a doozy. She hated using the back parking lot, because it was where all the morons hung out after class. But Madison had been running late this morning and since she'd been lucky enough to find a spot, she'd decided to take it. Upon leaving she'd found herself in the 'charming' company of Seth Hotchkins and his band of monkeys. It was bad enough dealing with Seth, who lived next-door to her, but the girls and guys who hung out with him had never grown past high school.

Once, years ago, Madison had been friends with him. In her own childish way, she supposed, she'd been in love with him. In awe of him. He was a bit older than her, taller than her, stronger than her, and she'd been thrilled that he paid attention to her. For a long time he'd protected her, chasing off bullies who teased her and pushed her around. After they had gone to middle school, things had changed; Madison hadn't been able to win friends as easily as he had, and Seth had abandoned her to be popular.

God, I hate him, she thought, sinking down on the couch. I thought I'd be able to come home without a migraine today. She picked up the remote, turned on the T.V., and began flicking idly through the channels. Nothing on, or at least nothing she wanted to watch. Madison couldn't stand T.V. It was all so stupid and immature. A point she'd made loud and clear today, when Seth and his groupies had bothered her.

That thought made her smile just a bit. She'd given them all what-for today, but him especially. They were all immature and stupid, wasting their time on such childish pursuits, and she'd told them so. Others might accuse Madison of being a snob and perhaps she was, but so what? It's their own fault if they want to act like morons, she thought, rolling her eyes. And if they're going to heckle me, I am damn well going to tell them what I think.

She was pondering putting a movie in when a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Who the hell is here at this hour? She wondered. All of my parents' friends know they're not here. Madison supposed it must have been Ms. White, the senile old woman who lived next-door. She sometimes knocked on the door at odd hours, asking for a cup of flower or some eggs. Sighing, Madison clicked off the T.V. and stood to get the door.

She tried to slam it shut as soon as she saw who was standing outside, but Seth was quicker and stronger than she was. Glaring at him, she planted herself firmly in the doorway, determined that he should get through. Damn him for being good-looking, Madison thought. Tall, muscular but not overly so, with dark eyes framed in long lashes and longish dark hair that was currently streaked with fading blonde. His last girlfriend (or perhaps girl-toy would be a better term) had told him it would be cute; which as far as she was concerned just proved what an idiot he was!

"What do you want?" Madison demanded, folding her arms over her chest.

"Aww, Maddy, is that anyway to talk to an old friend?" Seth crooned, feigning a pout.

"Piss off, Seth," Madison growled. "We aren't friends!"

Seth let out a long-suffering sigh and nodded. "True, we aren't. But, well, I wanted to talk to you."

"Talk?" Madison's eyebrows rose.

"I was thinking about what you said earlier," Seth told her. "Please, Madison"

Madison frowned, uncertain. In the moment that she hesitated, thinking it over, Seth pushed the door open and stepped inside. Startled, she back-pedaled quickly, then leapt for the door as soon as she recovered. He caught her around the waist, pulling her easily away from the door, then tapping it shut with his foot. Madison growled and jerked out of his hold, stumbling back.

"What the hell are you doing!?" She demanded, glowering at him.

"I told you, we have to talk, Maddy," Seth said, closing the distance between them. "You've become such a shrew, you know. A real stuck-up bitch."

Madison rolled her eyes. "What, you think you didn't deserve what I said? Maybe I am stuck up, but you're a complete asshole! A real shallow prick."

Seth moved before she even realized what was happening. She whirled to get away, but he got hold of her before she could take one step. Madison snarled as she was pulled against him, grabbing for his hands and digging her nails into his skin. He cursed loudly and spun her around, pushing her up against the railing at the bottom of the stairwell. Seth caught her wrists and pulled her arms up over her head. Madison kicked out, catching him in the shin, but he didn't let go of her.

"If you don't let go of me, I'll scream," Madison warned.

"You shouldn't," Seth told her, grinning. "I'd hate to have to gag that pretty mouth of yours, but I will if I have to."

That stopped her for a moment. He's not going to, she thought, feeling panic rise in her throat. Seth shifted his hold on her, catching her beneath the thighs and hauling her up over his shoulder. Madison shrieked, kicking wildly, and received a hard smack on the ass for her trouble. She struggled as Seth carried her up the stairs, banging her fists against his back futilely.

He dropped her on her bed and slammed the door of her bedroom shut. Madison lunged up, but he was on her before she could get her feet beneath her. Seth pinned her down, settling on her legs so she couldn't kick, and getting hold of her wrists again. His strong fingers closed around both wrists, keeping them firmly against her mattress.

"Let me go!" Madison shouted, panic edging her voice.

"Hush, sweetheart," Seth crooned, holding her in place easily as he undid his belt and slid it free of his pants. "I'll admit, I didn't come too well prepared, but I'm sure I can find something to quiet that mouth of yours."

He lifted her wrists, bringing them up against the cold metal of the bed-frame, and wound the belt around them. It was tricky, especially with her struggling, but Seth had always been able to do those sorts of things. Madison turned her head, trying to get her teeth into his arm, but he kept out of her reach. At last she was secured, rather uncomfortably, to the bed-frame. She glowered at him and sucked in her breath to scream.

His mouth came down on hers. Madison squeaked, her eyes widening. Quite suddenly out of breath, she couldn't even find the strength to bite him. She could feel him shift on top of her, pressing her down as he reached for the floor, searching blindly for something. Growling, Seth sat up and looked down on her, shaking his head.

"You're a tidy little thing, aren't you?" Seth sighed and stood up. "I suppose I'll just have to find something"

"Don't you dare, you son of a bitch!" Madison snarled.

"Well, we are feisty," Seth taunted, as he began looking through her dressers. "Aren't you frightened, Maddy?"

Yes! She thought. Out loud she said, "I'm not afraid of a disgusting pig like you!"

"Liar," Seth said, as he sauntered back over to the bed, holding a scarf. "Now, say ahhh"

Madison clamped her jaw shut. He caught hold of her face, his fingers digging against her cheeks until she was forced to open her mouth. Seth slid the scarf between her lips and wound it around her head, tying it in place. No, no, no, she thought, fighting frantically against the belt holding her wrists to the bed. It was no use. The leather was worn and supple, making it easily as effective as a rope if not more so.

"I'd much rather be able to hear you," Seth admitted, smiling down at her. "But until you learn not to scream, I guess we'll have to keep that pretty mouth full, won't we?"

Madison glared at him. She wriggled, trying to get her legs out from beneath him, to now avail. Seth caught hold of her shirt and yanked it up, exposing her breasts. No! She thought, yanking harder at the leather binding her wrists. She sucked in her breath sharply at the touch of his mouth, the first light kiss against the side of her breast. The only light kiss! Madison lay still for long moments, stunned, as his mouth worked restlessly against her breasts, his tongue teasing first one nipple and then the other, his teeth closing in light nips.

Whoawaitwhat! Madison's thoughts were jumbled. This wasn't what she'd been expecting. So what!? She thought, giving herself a mental slap. This has to stop! But she couldn't stop him, couldn't stop the heat and wet playing over her breasts. Couldn't stop it from feeling good. Her cheeks burned, and she continued to fight, but Seth was persistent, cupping her breasts in his hands and fondling her. His fingers were strong and rough, enough to arouse but not enough to bruise.

Madison squeezed her eyes shut. She fought back a soft moan, feeling humiliated. Seth's mouth traveled down between her breasts, down over her stomach, making her shiver. His hands caught the waistband of her pajama bottoms and pulled them down and off. Her shriek, as he pulled off her panties, was muffled against the scarf in her mouth. Madison pressed her thighs together tightly, fighting against Seth's hold. He was too strong for her, easily able to pull her legs open.

"Stop struggling so much, Maddy," Seth murmured. "Really, it's unnecessary."

She wished she could hit him. Madison braced herself, telling herself she was prepared for anything. She was not at all prepared for it when Seth lowered his head between her legs. His tongue dragged over her flesh in a long, slow stroke that made her squirm. He wasn't hurting her. God, it would have been easier if he had been. I don't want this, Madison thought, shaking her head. I don't, I don't, I don't!

Seth's tongue seemed determined to convince her that she did. Over and over again he licked her, each stroke teasing soft, muffled sounds from her throat. The feeling of his tongue sliding into her, dipping deep inside her, made her quake from head to toe. Madison fought to keep from lifting her hips against his mouth. She could not, would not enjoy this! His lips closed around her clit, tugging gently, and she had to swallow hard to keep from moaning.

"Stubborn little Maddy," Seth murmured, warm breath rushing over her skin. "But you are enjoying yourself, sweetheart. You're getting so wet."

No! Madison thought, because she couldn't scream it out loud. Seth began again, the tip of his tongue teasing her clit, making her squirm. His hands braced her thighs, forcing them up, lifting her hips off the bed. The more he licked, the more her body tightened. She fought, but when Seth's teasing drove her over the edge, she wasn't able to stop herself from crying out. Only the scarf in her mouth muffled her cry as she came.

Madison fought back tears. She trembled from head to toe, refusing to open her eyes as she felt Seth pull away from her. His weight settled over her, startling her when she felt his hands at her wrists, undoing the belt. Her eyes flickered open and her surprise must have registered on her face, because he chuckled softly.

"Did you think I was going to rape you and that would be that, Maddy?" Seth asked, his teeth nipping at her earlobe. "How boring. No, sweetheart. This is much more than that. One day, you'll beg for what I'll do to you. It might take weeks, or months, but one day you'll beg."

Never! Madison thought, glowering up at him. The tone of his voice frightened her; he sounded as if he wanted to spend months doing this to her. At last her hands were loose, but she was shaking too hard to hit him, like she wanted to. Seth pulled the gag from her mouth but before she could say a word, he had pressed his lips to hers. Madison could taste herself on his tongue, sweet and tangy all at once. She felt her cheeks heating again, horribly embarrassed.

"Don't forget to clean yourself up, sweetheart," Seth said, as he stood, leaving her sprawled out on the bed. His voice held a wicked edge as he spoke. "I'll see you again soon."

Madison waited until he had left the room, then rolled onto her side and curled into a tight ball. Tears ran freely down her cheeks, tears of fear, humiliation, and something else she didn't want to think about. He won't get away with this! She thought fiercely. I'll, I'll call the police! Tell them...tell them... What? That her next-door neighbor had tied her down and pleasured her with his tongue until she came? Madison rolled her eyes. Yeah, I'm sure they get that all the time, she thought.

When she had finally stopped shaking, she stood up and went into the bathroom, turning the shower on. Cold water; freezing cold water, to ease the heat in her body! Rape would have been humiliating and painful. This had been humiliating and... And so good, Madison thought, sinking to the floor of the shower. She reached between her legs and gasped as her fingers touched soft, aroused flesh. Seth had been right; she was so wet. Jerking her hand away from her body, she sank against the cold marble of the wall and sat there beneath the freezing spray until she was shivering, her teeth chattering, and she was so tired she could no longer think.

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