Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Latina Queen

I was in a transitional stage in my life. Needless to say I was very bored with myself. I just graduated from college (North Carolina Central University class of 2003) and started to out grow my friends. I had the time of my life in Durham, N.C. When I came back home to the Bronx, New York I had to deal with these knuckleheads whose only interest is who's the better rapper Jay-Z or Nas. To help with my extreme boredom I started to take Latin dance classes. Needless to say I love the dance classes, plus the parties that were thrown every other week were amazing.

At first the classes were cool, but did not hold my interest. Being a Caribbean man with almost no Latin friend this new style of music was certainly culture shock. What did keep my interest were the beautiful women taking the classes. As time went on, I got better then promoted to the advance classes and that's when things really got interesting.

Since I'm only 5'9" I was paired with a young lady named Angie who was beautiful beyond measure. (5'4 1/2" 130lbs of pure where have you been all my life) “I asked her what I’m I not allowed to do”. “She looked at me, smiled (her smile almost knocked me out) then said anything you would not do to your mother don't do it to me”. I laughed, held her as if she was my wife and started dancing like a professional. After class she joked about my erection, then asked to see it. Being the man I am (trying to be smooth) my reply was “I’d show you after I take you out on a date”. Once again that smile hit me below the belt in more ways than one.

When I picked her up she looked stunning in an off white dress that was tight on top and slightly loose but short on the bottom. After an amazing dinner we saw this amazing Latin group perform, then to the Latin Quarter nightclub where the real fun began.

We head straight to the dance floor as soon as we got entered the club. Dancing with this goddess as if we're in love I turned her around started grinding on her perfectly round, firm ass like a high school kid. This is where the dance classes come in handy. Like 2 people grooving to a rhythm in perfect harmony our hip rolled, wined, together as if we had been partners for years. After what became the best date of my life I dropped her home, she planted on me the most passionate kiss I had at the time. I could not believe the date went so well. I could not believe a woman like her would even go out on a date with me.

The story continues.

Like a sucker I ran to a flower shop and purchase 24 roses for her. 8 pink roses, 8 white roses, and 8 purple roses, and had them delivered to her home. She called me as soon as she got them to say thank you. The sound of her voice sexually stimulated me while falling in love. “She asked why am I not at work?” “I told her that's one of the perks of being a teacher. We have the summer off.” Then she invited me over to her home for breakfast.

When I got there she greeted me with a kiss that seem to last forever. While kissing me so passionately I pulled her close while my fully erect penis wanted to break through my jeans. Grabbing her perfect butt caressing and molding like it my first time. We kissing then she rested her head on my chest. We held each other for what seemed like forever. While walking to her sofa she tells me “that was the best date she been on in her life, and I was the first man to ever send her flowers.” Sitting on my lap giving me the lap dance of my life. Grinding on my dick like a stripper I placed my hand inside her panties playing with her reproductive organ, the wetter she got the more intense the grinding became. Lifted her up and took her to her bedroom kissing on the way there. Placed her on the bed told her to sit on my face. Ate her pussy like it was my last meal. She bent down to put my 9 1/2 inch monster in her mouth. Her head moved up and down while the pressure of her sucking on my penis sent me to heaven. She turned to me gave me one of those passionate kisses then said "let Angie take it from here.” Placed my monster in her tight pink pussy and started riding like she was learning how to ride a bike. After getting the hang of riding her new toy like a big girl she rode my penis like merry-go-round. Riding me fast bringing me to the brink of explosion then slowing down taking the climax away from me. I touched every inch of her body taking advantage of this opportunity to touch this perfectly shaped. Now it's my turn to show her how Black men pound Puerto Rican women. Bent her over her perfectly shaped ass and hips pointed towards me. Inserted my dick inside her sweet spot her moans sounded better than my favorite song. In and out slowly her moans sounded like angles singing. Increasing the tempo pounding her hard enough to let her know a real man was fucking her but soft enough not to hurt her. Kept that up for about 5 minutes. Laid her on her back sucking on her perfectly shaped breast. Telling me how much she loves it. Entered this goddess and pounding her like a man should making sure she enjoyed every second of this love making session. (That's what a man does. He makes sure she is pleased) A puddle of love juices formed by her ass. We removed the comforter from her bed and continued making love for was seemed like forever. No matter how great the sex was that night, the best was holding her afterwards.

For 8 years I had the pleasure of loving and living with this beautiful woman who would become my wife. Taking dance classes is hand down the best thing to happen to me. My life started when I met her.



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