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Jungle Tree House-Part One


I opened my eyes and the cloudy skies cleared giving way to deep blues filtering through the tree tops. I lay on the jungle floor taking a break from my duties as a intern for a wildlife research team deep in the jungles of South America. The patterns of the dark branches and deep greens framed by the sky blue in between the tree canopy exploded outward in every direction like a spider web. I was taken by the sense of order, the colors, warmth and humidity.

The jungle is always noisy. The sounds of rain, which seems to be a constant here, wind, the monkey’s, and of course the birds. Constant sounds reminded me of Times Square in NYC. Always buzzing, always loud, and if it got quiet, something was wrong and your personal radar increased substantially.

Where I worked, there are thousands and thousands of birds. I was near completion of three months of work counting birds in a particular area of the jungle for a major European University's Ornithology Department study on jungle habitat. I had a great summer here. Good people, hard work and it felt like my observations and data input helped define the studies intentions. The research team consisted mostly of academics and scientists along with a handful of us interns, like me, hoping to break into the field.

We had four interns from all over the globe working on the study. Three guys and one young woman from Japan. Although we mixed well with the powers to be, the interns still clung together as we had much more in common both in age as well as our assigned duties as research interns. Tamiko the lone female intern was stunning. Her asian looks, beautifully toned skin, almost always moist in the thick equatorial air, was always a pleasure to spend time with. I loved the days when I was assigned to work with her.

The work of an intern is pretty much doing the grunt work of research. We take bird counts, pick up feathers, capture birds with mist nets, band their legs, release them, ect. You are moving around a lot, peering through binoc’s with perspiring, salty faces that always burn your eyes, laying on the buggy ground, climbing trees, and just getting sweaty and filthy.

When I worked with Tamiko, getting dirty didn’t matter. The harder we worked the sweatier she got and her light clothing adhered to her curvy form. I loved it. She was so cute. It just made the day pass a little easier. I did my job and daydreamed about her all day.

Tamiko was always very serious about her work. We rarely engaged in any personal flirtation. I think for Tamiko, this was a survival technique. I’m sure she gets her fair share of men hitting on her. She just has that quality and sense about her. A fine looking young woman, smart, and dedicated to her work, and willing to get down and get dirty in pursuit of data for research.

Tamiko was quite amazing really. This made her even more attractive to most men but her cold demeanor kept most at bay with her professional attitude. Me, I just loved looking at her.

Through-out our stay in the jungle, 58 miles from the nearest village, it was all work and little play. Supplies and food were dropped off by helicopter every 10 days. On the “food drop” day, we always had a good dinner together, interns and scientists alike.

We had maybe eight or nine of these group dinners together and we interns really relished the time spent being at ease and enjoying some booze with each other and the scientists. The scientists had been coming here for decades and shared fascinating stories about the jungle. One story in particular really captured my interest.

Dr. R. Adlemann, from London, had been coming to this same jungle every year for 27 years. He was the alpha scientist here and his research was ground breaking and very well respected. He told stories about a village just a mile or so from our camp where remote indigenous people lived in tree houses.

Many of the tree houses still existed and appeared to be used. But, no one had ever seen people living there for some time now. There was indeed evidence that the tree houses were being used, but no signs of everyday life.

As our summer internships were drawing closer to an end, I was determined on one of my days off, to venture to where these mystical tree houses were located deep in the jungle. I had hoped to visit here earlier, but work loads and my lack of knowledge of the jungle, it made sense to wait until I felt more comfortable in these foreign surroundings.

Finally, a day off rolled my way and I made plans to hike through the jungle to find the tree houses. Tamiko had the same day off and I asked her if she’d like to join me. She told me was going to hike to another ridge looking for a rare bird out of our research area. I was disappointed, but understood. Our time off was precious and one made the most of it.

Dr. Adlemann gave me basic directions and warned there are no visible trails. He said he had been there only once before and literally just stumbled on them.

Without warning he said, “You’ll look up and just be there.”

Its not like they stand out he said. “They blend in very well with the jungle.”

I grabbed my day pack, GPS unit and headed out. I was careful to take GPS way points about every 50 yards because I was nervous about finding my back to camp even though it was only a mile or so away. In the jungle, a mile is like eternity. Its very easy to get turned around in a thick jungle. And, I did not want to get lost. That’s bad news for any number of reasons.

Hiking in the jungle thickness, we found that a mile can take roughly two hours if you know where you are going. If you don’t know where you are going and are looking for something, I planned on three to four hours per mile. I was hoping I would find the tree houses quickly so I could spend more time there exploring and not worrying about getting back before darkness closes in.

About three hours into my hike, I heard sounds different than normal jungle chatter. It’s damn hard to see anything here. The undergrowth is so abundant and thick that seeing only a few feet ahead of you at any point time is common. Hacking away with my machete makes it easier but creates a partial view at best. But ahead, down low, I spotted an opening of brighter light. It must be a clearing I thought. Damn, maybe I found the tree houses!

I got a little excited and a little nervous at what I might find. I slowed way down, put my machete in its sheath, and moved methodically towards the light. I swore I heard human voices. Or, maybe my head was playing tricks on me? A man’s voice is very distinct here. It clearly stands out over the normal jungle acoustics.

Indeed, the light was getting brighter and there was an clearing of some sort. Then, I heard a splash. Then, a laugh. I wondered what the hell.....?

I crept closer to the light and for the first time saw a large pool of crystal clear water. But, what about that laugh? I still didn’t see anyone and I didn’t want to be noticed. I wanted to see them, if there was anyone, before they spotted me.

I heard the voices again. They were closer. This time it sounded like a female. I moved in very, very still to the edge of the water, moving two huge palm leaf’s so I could peek through yet remain hidden.

Holy crap! Sure enough it was a man and a young woman. They were standing up to their waists in the water. Both appeared totally naked. I pulled out my binoc’s to get a closer look.

The man had long tangled hair and appeared very lean and fit and she was quite young, maybe twenty, and had magnificent breasts and coal black hair. Both were dark skinned, but she was of a lighter variety. He was very dark and looked to be a fairly handsome man.

They were not talking really, just standing in the water next to each other enjoying the pristine, cool water.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! This remote scene quickly became quite arousing. But, what the hell do I do? Do I just sit here for a while and observe, like the scientist I am? Or, do I make myself known and create an experience? Can they communicate with me? Will my presence scare them off? Will I put myself in danger?

Goddamit.... All these questions running through my head, all the while the arousal of watching them was superseding any scientific thinking I may have had. This was just fascinating to watch.

The woman started swimming towards the shoreline closest to where they were standing in the water. I could see her ass near the surface of the water as she swam to shore. She was wonderful. He watched her as she swam to shore. Potentially watching something unfold, I was completely aroused over what I was seeing.

She stepped out of the pond, reaching for a thick vine to hoist herself up to the edge of the rocky ledge. Then, she stood there, facing him. My god, she was stunning. She had great curves, a petite frame anchored with lovely rounded breasts. A nice patch of hair masking her treasure.

My binoc’s kept steaming up as I looked at her and my clothes were so wet from sweat and jungle moisture I only had one dry piece of cloth left in my day-pack to clean off the lenses. I quietly, got out the extra t-shirt and cleaned off the lenses. Please don’t fail me now binoc’s.....I kept saying to myself. This was so much fun to watch.

Still, I was unable to determine what was developing here. Were they family members, brother, sister, dad and daughter, lovers, tree house people? No clarity to the scenario. I just stayed glue to my spot.

Then, the man swam towards shore and used the same vine to pull himself up the ledge. She stood there, watching him rise from the water. They had no clothes, no towels, nothing that I could see from my vantage point resembling clothing.

He turned around for the first time so I could see his frame from the front. He was in very fine form, an athlete. A thin body, riddled with a muscular waist with defined, long arms. He had a large cock from what I could see, but he was not aroused. Who the hell are these people?

They were very casual together and I got no sense that anything sexual was going to happen. I was a bit disappointed with this because I was so aroused at their naked bodies that seeing them together intimately, would’ve be great! Especially for a lonely intern.

The young woman reached down to pick up what looked like some sort of small wooded bowl. Watching her movements, with that light colored dark skin and plump breasts, I was getting turned on by just watching her normal tasks. And, other than staring at Tamiko in her wet, sweaty clothing while out working, this was the first naked woman I had seen in almost three months. The visual stimulus was torturing me.

She took the bowl and walked closer towards the dark man. She dipped her hands inside the bowl and lifted her hand. It was coated with what looked like some sort of liquid from the bowl. She ran her fingers along his lips gently brushing the amber juice back and forth. Sliding her fingers in and out of his mouth, he stared directly into her eyes.

He took her hand and kept her fingers next to his mouth. He turned slightly away from my view but it looked like he was sucking the nectar off her fingers. As he turned, I got a glimpse of his profile and goddamit, he was starting to build an erection. I couldn’t have been happier. Something indeed was gonna happen right here in the jungle!

As I watched him swell, she reached down to hold his firmness. I had to reach down and touch myself too. Its like watching someone take a huge lick off an ice cream cone; you tend to open your mouth as they do so you can taste it too.

There was no question, I was getting aroused watching her tickle his mouth and his reaction by swelling up to her touch.

What the hell was in that bowl, I wondered?

Suddenly, both looked quickly to their left. They heard something at the same time moving in the jungle. I didn’t hear it. All my senses were visual at this point, but something clearly it startled them. I noticed his erection slowly fall back down. Surely this meant the moment had passed. I was pissed my potential jungle voyeur experience might be coming to an abrupt close.

They both moved away from the pond and vanished into jungle. 

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I kept saying to myself. I had the perfect observation spot. Just when it looked like I was going to be able to watch two beautiful natives screw each other in the middle of the jungle, they disappeared into the thick green curtain. God damn I was devastated.

I sat there for a moment, pondering my next move was. This episode lasted about an hour and I only had maybe, two hours left before I needed to start heading back to the research camp.

But, how does one leave this? Shit, it was almost worth going back in darkness if I had the chance to watch any more. I took GPS way points and could make it. But, the jungle is dangerous at night, and those in my camp would come searching for me. I just couldn’t stay more than another hour or so.

I made the decision to try to move over to where I had seen them on the other side of the pond. Maybe, just maybe, it would provide some clues

to where they had disappeared. The pond itself was very circular in shape. It would be easy to make my way around it to the other side.

I found my way easily, spending valuable time being extra quiet and alert as I drew closer to where they were swimming. In the back of my head, I was still a little worried about what had spooked them creating their rapid departure. But, I also wanted to see naked bodies again too.

I spotted the vine where they pulled themselves from the water. I could see why they came here. The water was gin clear, and deep. A paradise for dipping into cool spring water in the midst of such extreme heat and humidity. A pleasure paradise for sure.

I recorded the location with my GPS on hopes of luring Tamiko back here some day. My mind racing with sexual thoughts and daydreams. Maybe, I might get lucky with Tamiko? Just showing her this place would be a great start to seduction.

I slipped into the jungle where I had seen them fade into green. Again, I heard that distinctive female voice.

YES! I thought to myself. I found them again!

I was terribly excited and blood rushed to my head and adrenaline poured through my veins. But, where were they? No need to pull out the binoc’s as the jungle was too thick to effectively scan the area.

I settled down right where I stood and used all my observation powers to locate the sound. My biggest concern was being spotted again. This time though, I was less worried about danger, and more worried I’d scare them off. Goddamit, I wanted to watch this play out!

Amongst all the jungle sounds, I heard human voices once again. But, it was not coming from ground level, but from higher up. I moved about ten feet from my position and glanced skyward.

Holy shit! There it was. I mean, there they were. Fuck, it was the tree house...... and they were in it.

I had almost forgotten about those stupid tree houses all together. I became so focused on finding these two people again, it completely escaped my mind.

Through the underbrush, I could see faint forms on a balcony surrounding this monstrous eucalyptus tree up about 15 feet from ground level. A few big leaf’s obscured my visual path so I tried to work my way to a better vantage point. I was in a good position to watch them. I felt like with my binoc’s, I was right on them and see them up close, but far enough way to where they would not easily spot me.

I found a spot with a great view and clearly they were there to stay for a while. This platform was very open air, like a porch. A railing, made of thick vine ran around the edges as a kind of sturdy safety bar. I could see them standing there together, leaning on the railing looking over the jungle below.

I was so frickin excited to see them again. But, who the hell were they? That thought kept inching into my brain. At this point, I really didn’t care, I was just hoping they’d fuck each other and hope I hadn’t missed what started by down the pond.

From my vantage point, the sky was somewhat open behind them . So, I was able to see their well defined bodies, a silhouette of shapes and curves. As I settled into my little spot on a tree stump, I got my first glimpse of him as he moved away from her. Indeed, they were both still naked. As their bodies separated away from the railing, I could see he was very hard, his cock standing straight up into the air. Her tits were curvy and against the sky, I could see the imprint of her nipples protruding against the deep blue. I was again becoming very aroused at the scene unfolding before me.

She bent over and again lifted the wooden bowl she used down by the pond. I watched her fill her hands with the liquid and proceed to rub it up and down over his stiffness. Her hands made long strokes from the base of his cock all the way up to tip. She then circled his tip, moving her palm around and around. When she lifter her hand, I could see his cock inch down a little, gravity playing its role against the pressure of her hand. She repeated this several more times very slowly. He watched her as she pleasured him.

I watched him take a little of this juice from bowl off his cock and he applied it directly to her nipples. His hands stayed there massaging them until I swear, I watched them grow in size. This wonderful silhouette was the perfect viewing scenario. By this time, I too, was hard as a rock watching them.

Then, she went down to her knees. He put his hand on top of her head running his hands over her ears filling his fingers with streams of her glossy black hair. She moved onto to his cock with her mouth, slowly taking him in all the way to his body. She teased him around the head and slid all the way down his length. OMG, it was so hot. Who the fuck are these people? They made love like professionals.

His back arched as she engulfed his every inch, holding her hair she sucked off all the juices previously applied to his manhood. I held my own hardness with one hand and the binoc’s with the other as she took his entire cock all the way down her throat. As she inched out, his cock so hard now, didn’t flinch.

Almost scripted, she lay down on the platform of the tree house. I could no longer see her head from this angle but could still see the side of her body, her tits and legs. She let her legs stay up with her knees bent as she lay on her back. I watched him too, take the bowl, and pour some of the juices into his mouth, some dribbled down his chest as drank it. What the hell is in that bowl?

He leaned over her, I could see his dark, hard cock, that looked so thick from this angle, dangling in his crotch as he went down on all fours before her. His stringy, muscular body showed signs of strain as he put his face right over her pussy. Drops of nectar dropped from his chin onto her. He took one very long lick of her from her treasure to her belly. She reached up to massage her tits as he did this over and over again. He didn’t seem to go deep on her, just carefully excercised these very long, slow licks between her pussy lips up to her belly. It was very sexy to watch is tongue move along her pussy and belly.

He rose up to his knees and lifted her up to her feet. Then, she helped him up. I swear, it looked like their actions were choreographed. It was so fluid and graceful. I thought to myself for a second, is this a jungle porno movie being made?

They both stood there and engaged in a long kiss. Their bodies touching so firmly my silhouette of shapes disappeared. He then turned her around to face the jungle and placed her hands on the vine that served as a railing. Again, he went for the bowl. WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT BOWL? This was like some kind of ritual sex I was watching? Whatever it was, it was very, very hot.

He held the bowl over her lower back as she extended her reach towards the woody railing. Carefully, he poured the thickening liquid, now looking golden amber in color, over her butt crack. He sets the bowl down on the platform. His hands worked in the juice over her back and down her butt crack and between her legs. As he moved up her butt, one finger gliding deep, his finger came up to her back then slid back down again. Then, he moved closer to her to put his hard cock over her butt crack. He applies pressure pushing his muscle length along her crack until his cock pushes open her cheeks. Once there, I can see her reach between her legs with one hand, reach for his balls, massage them, then run her fingers along his length. He pulls back and forth as her fingers tease his cock repeating the action several times.

Then, in a sudden gesture, she dips her head and shoulders towards the platform. Both of her hands gripping the railing, she arches her ass towards the sky. His cock laying inbetween her butt cheeks, he moves back allowing his manhood to slide down. Moving backwards slightly away from her, I can again see that silouhette of his hardness almost pointing straight into the middle of her crack. Her shoulders almost touching the platform now, he eases into her until he disappears. They stay in this position for several minutes. Barely moving, I watch them just enjoy being one.

I’m so fucking hard I want to jack off right there. She slowly brings her head up from platform as he arches back. I can see a little of his cock now between them. She pushes back again towards him and his stiffness disappears. Her head comes up closer to the railing and he pulls back a little more revealing more length. She pushes back again and he disappears inside her. They proceed with this motion until he begins to raise his hands over his head grabbing the back of his neck with both hands. His back is arched backwards. The only thing keeping him standing is his cock inside her holding on.

She moved her hips up and down, from side to side. She reaches for his balls as she moves to stimulate his cock moving in and out of her. He begins to shake. His hands come down and grab her hips and shoves himself deeper, deeper inside her. Her head drops back down towards the platform. Her ass facing him and the sky. In powerful movements, he thrusts inside her, again and again. She leans over grabbing her ankles and he methodically runs all the way out and back deep inside her. His movements quicken, his grib on her ass tightens, and he thrusts deep and shudder over and over.

I watch him slowly pull his cock from her. He is growing limp. He rubs his hand down her butt cracks and massages her crack and cheeks. She rises up to turn and face him. She holds his cock in her hands as they embrace, rubbing him to a soft erection once again. He kisses her and pulls her body into his. They hold each other.

Holy Shot Batman.......By now, my balls ache so bad I doubt I can even walk. Watching these two pleasure each other with such intensity, and style, I was beyond help. But, I needed to get back to camp. I needed to get out of here undetected.

I needed to find Tamiko.

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