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Joe and Jackie had been together for over 3 years, and in all that time Joe remained sexually frustrated. It wasn’t that Jackie didn’t enjoy sex, or that she didn’t willingly give herself to Joe, but she wasn’t the least inclined to be adventurous or experimental in their lovemaking. Try as he might, Joe just wasn’t able to overcome her Catholic school ideas of sex being somehow dirty, or naughty.

Often during their few years together Joe had taken her shopping for sexy clothing and underwear. She would model them for him at home, but so far had never set foot outside the house in crotchless panties or a see-through blouse. The physical sex was much the same. Jackie was eager to have sex, but grew more reluctant as Joe became more imaginative. She gave great head, or at least Joe thought she did, except she had never allowed him to finish in her mouth. She passively allowed him to cum on her breasts, then rather than reveling in their lovemaking, quickly got up to wash before continuing to play.

Joe considered sex to be both mental and physical, and to him the mental was much more fun, and with each passing year became more so. The play, the tease, the experiments, and the danger of semi-public frolic turned him on. His fantasies were not the wam-bam thank you ma’am of a teenager, but more the involved exhibitionism and wantonness of having his own personal nymphomaniac. Over the years his fantasies became more pornographic, growing from the original sexy clothes and a blow job in the car, to flashing strangers in a bar then fucking the whole lot of them.

Despite his hints, gentle leading and even bribery, Jackie seemed to show no interest in moving their sex from the bedroom and the bland. Joe wanted more! Joe also wanted Jackie and not some bimbo with no brains, no class and a hot pussy. He decided to find out if he could somehow have what he wanted.

Joe knew that in this modern age of science almost anything was possible. He began to research the Internet for information that might help. He found countless domination sites that offered to train women, or men, to serve a master. This wasn’t really what he wanted. He encountered hundreds, no thousands of sites offering this pill or that to increase the sex drive of male or female. It wasn’t that Jackies sex drive was low, just that her inhibitions were high. Finally he resorted to posting queries on a couple of sexually oriented bulletin boards. He explained his situation and what he wanted, a sex partner with no inhibitions and a lot of imagination. He also outlined his dilemma, he loved Jackie and did not want to lose her. He resigned himself to wait for some useable reply and settled back into his routine of masturbating to his fantasies.


Jackie was not a beauty queen, but she did know that she was cute. She had the homegrown good looks of Central Texas. She set off her baby fawn soft brown eyes with equally soft, luxuriant brown hair. Standing just 5 foot and 2 inches and weighing 115 pounds she had enough meat on her bones, as she termed it, not to be uncomfortable to cuddle. Her breast were a high and firm 34B that she kept toned, along with the rest of her body with tennis and swimming. She looked good in a tennis skirt. Actually, Jackie thought, the tennis outfit of short skirt and tight top was the most risqué thing she ever wore.

Jackie was no idiot! She knew Joe was becoming more frustrated by their sex life. She really wished she could let loose more, be more like what he wanted, but the early training plagued her mind. She was a turmoil of conflicting thoughts, needs and fears. Her biggest concern, when she really pondered it was what Joe would really think of her if she did do the things that he wanted. After all, what kind of girl does that? She had come very close a couple of times, almost agreeing to leave the house dressed in a short skirt and no panties, or a thin blouse over bare breast. Each time she had chickened out. She had made love to him with her mouth, bring him right to the edge, then at the last second backed off to have him cum on her breasts. Joe thought that she got up to wash because she was shamed, and she was, but not by the love fluids on her body. She berated herself for not lasting that extra second or two to really please her man, and experience for herself his pleasure.

Almost a year ago Jackie had unintentionally followed Joe onto the Internet. She had brought up the home page and clicked history to return to a site that she had used earlier that day. There she found a trail to all the sites that her lover had visited recently. Of course she had to peek into his adventures. She was shocked! She was aghast at the sites he had viewed. She was hurt.

Jackie spent several days pouting over Joe’s Internet perversions. She didn’t bring it up to him as she worked it all out in her head. She was hurt, and considered this almost cheating on her. She also knew that Joe had, in one subtle fashion or another, expressed all these desires to her over the years.

Jackie started returning to the computer on a regular basis to see where Joe wandered, what his fantasy of the day was. What had been shock gradually became curiosity. Her initial sessions last only the few minutes it took to check the sites of choice that day, but soon she found hours passing as she reviewed each offering.

Jackie realized that she was undergoing some changes when she found her hand stroking between her legs as she watched a particularly nasty video Joe had downloaded. Still she wasn’t able to overcome her big fear of letting loose, especially now that she had established her almost puritanical standards in Joe’s mind. Oh God, what to do, she mussed repeatedly.

One evening, while Joe was out playing basketball she keyed up the computer and followed her lovers trail. There seemed to be some different sites this time, and as she clicked onto them she found saved passwords that let her into a chat room. Joe’s online identity popped up. Jackie was afraid to look further. She had a fear that Joe had carried his online antics to the next step and had an affair going.

After a little trial and error she found his postings on the site, and read them with both amazement and relief. The goofy sexfiend was trying to find some scientific way to turn her into a slut! She almost laughed as she read the posting, it was so sweet and so dumb.

He wanted a pill, or cream, or gizmo, or device that would make her over into a totally wanton and free spirited sex machine. As he put it, “something that would free her body from the confines of her mind.”

She lay in the tub that night and an idea began to germinate. If there really was such a pill, if an outside source made a person different, then she wouldn’t be responsible, she wouldn’t, couldn’t be judged by the “old” standards that had ruled her life.


Joe checked for replies from his posting every night for the first week or so. He got plenty of them early on, all from crackpots, idiots or perverts and he replied to none of them. Gradually he checked less often, and most times there was no reply after the first couple of weeks. One day he dialed in from the office, just a last frustrated stab, hoping that maybe something had turned up. To his surprise there was a new answer, and as he read it his hope rose.

To Joe hopeful and frustrated

I am a research doctor at Baylor College and I specialize in hormone and enzyme studies. We are testing a new compound that shows remarkable side effects I think you will be interested in. Originally designed as a hormone supplement for menopausal women the drug had absolutely no effect as intended, and no other effect we can detect except to raise the libido of the taker. The effect seems to be cumulative and progressive over about a 3 week period, and to put it bluntly makes a woman “horny as hell” to quote one subject in the study.

The other manifestation, and I consider this more of interest, is that the subject becomes very susceptible to suggestion. Almost un-noticed at first, the subject wants to please, and by the end of the third week is anticipating the desires of key people in her life in an effort to please them.

The College has discontinued all testing and is in fear of legal action. The much raised libido combined with the desire to make herself “pleasing” lead to some very embarrassing situations. One researcher was actually caught receiving oral sex from a subject. He claimed she would not take no for an answer.

If this interest you please contact me, it seems I have an unaccounted for surplus of the medication available to me.

Once again I assure you, it has no other effects on a person.

“The Mad Scientist”

Joe read the comments over and over, not really believing, but becoming more hopeful with each reading. Finally he sent a reply to the mad scientist. Back and forth they conversed, Joe digging out all the information he could, while the Doctor did all he could to protect his identity and assure Joe that the drug was safe and “harmless”.

Joe wrestled with the ethics of his situation, but it was really a one sided match between his hard dick and soft conscience. A few days later he requested a supply of the miracle drug. The mad scientist replied with instructions for giving the drug, one pill dissolved in a drink, coffee, water or alcohol, twice a day. He also requested Joe to keep in touch with updates as to the effects of the experiment, assuring Joe that he was not a pervert, but had a genuine scientific interest in the testing.

By the end of the week Joe had his supply of pills. They came in a blank prescription bottle of 60 very small pills.

That evening Jackie got her first dose, a pill in her wine with diner. She had really been in a good mood the past couple of weeks and made no comment as she tasted the unusually sweat flavor of the red wine. They made love that night, Joe being more attentive to her pleasure than usual, not that he was normally too self centered about sex. Jackie dozed off, feeling very relaxed and loved as they cuddled together.

It was Joe’s habit to bring Jackie her first cup of coffee in bed each morning, and it was a little perk she really enjoyed. She took her coffee black and unsweetened, and yet this cup had a definite sweat taste to it. The second cup, taken after her shower was the usual black kick in the butt that she liked from her java. Dressed and ready for work Jackie gave Joe a big sloppy kiss and headed off. This repeated for 2 more days and Joe bided his time, following the mad scientist advise that it would take 72 hours for the effects to begin.


Jackie really was feeling more randy the past couple of days. Joe had been really nice to her, almost as if he were feeling guilty about something. Though it had been 2 days since their last sex they had been flirting and teasing more than usual. Joe had planned a night out for the weekend and was teasing her about wearing something sweat and sexy for him. She kept telling him it wasn’t the package that mattered, but what was inside. Now she found herself looking forward to getting home and tempting Joe into bed early for some play. She didn’t normally think of sex at work, but today her mind wandered to it several times. She smiled.

The front door opened and it was Jackie’s cue to walk across the bedroom. Passing the open door she was on full view to Joe. Naked, drying her body with a towel she crossed the room. Of course it worked. Joe was there in the doorway immediately, watching her as she toweled her hair. She wiggled her hips and walked to him, taking him in her arms to crush her breasts against him as she took his tongue with hers. She felt his erection grow instantly.

“How about helping me out here?” she asked.

“Sure, doing what?” he replied.

“Well I’m almost done with my priming, but I still need to shave my bikini line, can you do it for me?”

Joe’s grin widened from ear to ear as he grabbed the razor from her dressing table. “Lay down and let me at it!” he laughed.

Jackie spread her towel on their bed and then spread herself on top of that. Joe was dashing about getting some hot water in a basin, a hand towel and her shaving gel. Piling all that on the bed he quickly stripped off his clothes and walked to the foot of the bed.

He looks kind of dumb, she thought. Standing there with that silly grin and his dick sticking up in the air. She scooted down so her feet could hang off the bed and rest on the low footboard. This let Joe reach her to shave her without having to crawl up onto the bed himself. Placing her hands behind her head she opened her legs and Joe went to work.

“You really should let me take it all off,” he said.

“No, not yet,” she replied surprising herself. She was full of surprises to herself tonight. The shaving had been a spur of the moments impulse, very unlike her. She was glad she had given into it. She was more surprised that she had insinuated that she might let him shave her completely. He had playfully hinted at it a few times and she had always quickly denied him.

The warm towels, the creamy feel of the lather, the rasp of the razor, and most of all the touch of his hands soon had Jackie in very aroused state. She could tell he was taking liberties with her bush, moving it higher than she normally had it. He shaved her lips and left her a small triangle starting at the top of her slit. She smiled. Soon the hot towels came again, to clean her up. Playful hands followed these. She was moist, and ready as Joe slipped a finger into her. He had such good hands she thought. He curled his finger around and slowly began to stroke that oh so tender spot inside her. Her hips raised off the bed, as her eyes closed and she gave into the feeling running through her. His tongue replaced his hand. As it slithered across her bare lips to taste her she shuttered, forcing her hips into him. The contact of his lips and tongue on her bare skin drove her wild, and when he finally centered in on her clit she exploded almost at once. Joe didn’t stop, he continued to flick her and her hips jerked up again as another wave began to wash over her. She rode one orgasm to the next for several minutes as Joe licked and sucked on her love.

Never had Jackie felt like this, never had she climaxed so hard or often. She was actually panting as she lay trying to recover. Joe just waited, running his hands lovingly over her legs and belly. Her breath slowly returned to normal.

She raised up on her elbows and look at him. “Oh fuck,” she said, “if I had let you shave it bald it probably would have killed me!”

Joe wasn’t used to hearing such things as fuck from her, but at this minute she looked well fuck.

“Your turn now big boy,” she smiled, “climb up here in my spot.”

“You’re not going to shave me?” he asked her.

“No, but I might suck it all off!”

Joe took her spot on the bed and Jackie stood between his legs. She reached out and wrapped her hands around his hard cock. Slowly she began to pump, up and down. Her face lowered to him and her mouth opened. Her tongue flicked out to tease him, first touching the head, then sliding up the length. Slowly she began to take him in her mouth. Very slowly she lowered her face over him. No other motion, no words, just the slow swallowing of her lover. She held him deep in her mouth while she slipped her hands between his legs and began to massage his testicles. His legs opened farther, allowing her better access. Still she held her mouth still. Her hand slid farther back to play with his ass. Still she held him steady in her mouth. Her eyes meet his and she could see the want, the pleasure verging on pain and the love in them. Her eyes twinkled, with mischief and excitement. All at once she started to move. Her head bobbed, her hand pumped, her tongue danced, all making love to his throbbing dick in her mouth. Her eyes remained locked on his. His dick was wet from her mouth and she was making slurping noises as she attacked him. She watched him, and felt him. When his hips raised, his eyes closed and his body began to vibrate she pushed the tip of one finger into his ass.

Joe exploded. It seemed to be almost one continuous orgasm for him, but Jackie felt each pulse as it hit her throat. Some slid right down her throat, some boiled out the side of her mouth and some remained trapped as she continued to bob on his cock. Finally Joe grabbed her hair and pulled her off as he became super sensitive.

She cuddled her face against his belly and thought with great satisfaction about her first “complete” blow job. It had turned her on almost as much as it had Joe. She pulled herself up and knee walked over his supine body. When her knees were over his shoulders he opened his eyes again to stare up at his earlier handiwork. She lowered to him and his mouth covered her. She rode his mouth with an easy paced motion as his tongue brought her to pleasures she had denied herself too long. They slept very well that night.

The next morning, Friday, she woke him by playing with his morning erection. When he was wide awake she sent him after coffee. The first cup had the now familiar sweat taste. She varied her morning routine slightly, but significantly, remaining nude until just before it was time to leave, then dressing as he watched. He repeatedly tried to encourage her back to bed, and couldn’t keep his hands off her bare breasts, but she resisted not only him, but her own impulses to jump in the sack.

Jackie was distracted that morning at work. Her mind kept wandering back to the previous night. At noon Joe called her. After the required small talk she asked, “Did you enjoy last night lover?”

“Oh God yes!” he answered.

“What have you got planned for tonight?” she inquired.

“Diner and the theater,” he offered, then added, “and lots of sex!”

They talked a few more minutes, each wishing the other was there, then kisses silly phone kisses and left each other to make it through the day.

The rest of the afternoon she pondered the changes in her life. Letting Joe finish in her mouth was a major step for her, then sitting on his face and taking her pleasure in return, wow! And now all she could think about was getting it on with him again. What was coming over her? Joe said most of sex was mental, she thought, and I have sure been sitting here mentally masturbating.


Joe was home before her that night. He was revisiting the fantastic sex of the prior night as he showered. His hand played a steady rhythm on his hardon, lubricated by the shower soap. Oh shit, this was too good, he thought. These little pills really do work!

He had been faithfully slipping two a day into her coffee and evening drink. The effects seemed to be unfolding just as the mad scientist had predicted. He had communicated with him earlier that afternoon, filling him in, giving probably too much detail, about the latest developments. The Doctor had written right back, informing him that if things went according to the past studies the suggestibility should be kicking in about now. He warned against using direct commands, but rather to use terms such as, it would please me, or I would be happy if, to lead her in the direction you want. He was thinking of that now, out of the shower and dressed in loose slacks and shirt.

He heard Jackie come in, then saw her in the living room. He walked to her and asked, “OK kiddo, what do you want to eat tonight?”

Jackie grabbed his belt with both hands and said, “Your hard dick!”

She then dropped to her knees, opened his pant and took him into her mouth.

OH man, he thought, this really is working! Then he tried a little experiment.

“Jackie I loved cumming in your mouth last night, it was great! Right now I don’t want you to get me too excited because I would really love it if you would dress up for me and we could play and tease and make it really hot for later.”

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